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These countries join Beijing in US diplomatic boycott

These countries join Beijing in US diplomatic boycott

(CNN) – Australia will join To us In a diplomatic boycott Beijing Winter Olympics 2022, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Wednesday. The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau will do the same, according to his official Twitter account. The United Kingdom is also joining the movement.

Morrison said the government would keep official representatives at home while Australian athletes continue to attend the Games in February.

At a press conference in Sydney, the Australian leader said that “human rights violations and problems in Xinjiang” were some of the concerns raised by the Australian government to Beijing.

“I am very pleased to talk to the Chinese government on these issues. There is no impediment on our part to make that happen, but the Chinese government has not consistently taken advantage of those opportunities.”

Meanwhile, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will join the diplomatic boycott.
“Canada is deeply concerned about reports of human rights abuses in China. As a result, we will not send embassy representatives to Beijing for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. We will continue to support hard workers competing on the world stage,” Trudeau said in a tweet.

For its part, the UK on Wednesday said it would join the US, Canada and Australia in the Beijing Winter Olympics embassy boycott, which provoked strong condemnation from China, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying he was trying to tarnish the Games. Reuters reported.

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“Diplomatic boycott will be a reality at the Beijing Winter Olympics and no ministers or officials will attend,” Johnson was quoted as saying. “I do not think sports boycotts are wise, it is the policy of the government,” he added.

“Small and Coded Activities”

French President Emmanuel Macron has said he wants to do something “with effective effect” instead of launching a diplomatic boycott of the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics.

“We have to be clear, or we’re going to ignore it completely, we’ll not send any players, or we’ll try to get things back and try to have a beneficial effect,” Macron said.

“We must not politicize this issue, especially when it comes to small and identity measures.” In light of the recent incident with Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai, Macron said he would like to work with the International Olympic Committee to ensure that China protects all athletes.

“We will work with other Europeans and the IOC to assess the evolution of the situation.”

whats going on

For months, activists have called for a boycott of sports for the Chinese government’s human rights abuses. Xinjiang And Tibet and its Political repression in Hong Kong.

Protesters held banners and posters during a rally in Sydney on June 23, 2021, calling on the Australian government to boycott the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics for China’s human rights record.

The United States and other Western nations have accused Beijing of detaining more than a million Muslim-majority Uyghurs in Xinjiang detention centers, where some former prisoners have been tortured, raped or forcibly sterilized.

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Whistleblower explains how Uyghur prisoners are being tortured 7:31

Beijing denies the allegations and says they are re-education centers designed to fight separatism and Islamic terrorism in the western region.

On Wednesday, the Chinese embassy in Australia criticized Canberra’s decision to boycott the Games, saying it would not improve existing cold relations between the two countries.

“As we all know, the blame for the current state of Sino-Australian relations lies with the Australian side,” the statement said.

The fact that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is hosting the Games in January does not mean that it will recognize it. “Human rights standardsActivists said that giving a high-level event to China added legitimacy to the actions of the ruling Communist Party.

Morrison’s announcement comes after the Biden administration on Monday decided not to send an official U.S. delegation to the Games, the first country to confirm its diplomatic boycott.

White House spokesman Zhen Zhao said the US boycott was a statement against “China’s genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang.”

American athletes can continue to compete in sports, but the administration does not send officers. The same principle applies to the 2022 Paralympic Winter Games scheduled for March in Beijing.

What does it mean for the US to boycott Beijing 2022? 0:48

Following the US decision, China’s foreign ministry said on Tuesday that it had launched a “conclusive representation” with Washington and promised to take “strong counter-measures” without specifying what those measures would be.

The United States will host the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles, and the 2032 Olympics in Brisbane, Australia.

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In his comments on Wednesday, Morrison said Australia was a great sports country and that the IOC should be the best for the Beijing Winter Games.

“I am very divided on the issue of sports and the problems between the two governments … Australia will not back down from its strong position in defending the interests of Australians,” Morrison said.

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