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“The US government does not accept cooperation, friendship or alliance,” says President Bukele after Washington’s new approval – Brenza Libre

“The US government does not accept cooperation, friendship or alliance,” says President Bukele after Washington’s new approval – Brenza Libre

El Salvador’s President Naib Bukele said on his Twitter account on Thursday, December 9, that the US government “does not accept cooperation, friendship or alliance,” after the North American country allowed another executive.

The president’s release comes just hours after the U.S. Treasury Department approved the release of El Salvador’s cabinet chief Carolina Resinos, who has been accused of corruption in managing the Covit-19 epidemic.

“It is clear that the US government does not accept cooperation, friendship or alliance. It is a complete submission, or nothing at all,” Buhl wrote.

He added, “These daily accusations are absurd. I had no idea they were so interested in El Salvador.

The Department of the Treasury alleges that Resinos led the multi-million dollar fraudulent structure involved in making “suspicious” purchases to build a hospital and approving them to various ministries on epidemic issues.

In a statement, the US government cited millions of dollars spent on surgical masks and hospital gowns as examples of these dubious purchases by companies with no direct involvement in the health or manufacturing sector.

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U.S. officials point out that “Salvadoran officials paid millions of dollars for contracts raised by the Govt.

On Wednesday, the Treasury Department announced sanctions against two Salvadorian officials for corruption during “secret talks” between the president and “Mara Salvatrucha” (MS-13).

They are the directors of the penitentiary centers, Osiris Luna and the restructuring of the social fabric, Carlos Marokin.

In response, the president posted a thread on his Twitter account in which he revealed that he had allegedly discussed the matter with former US Secretary of State Jean Manes during a private meeting in mid-September.

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According to Buhl, Manes asked “4 things”, including the release of politician Ernesto Muizhond, who is in jail on charges of breach of duty and accused of bargaining politically with the mob. US $ 600 thousand.

“Attack” on government program

Javier Arquetta, legal adviser to the El Salvador presidency, told reporters on Thursday that “reports” referring to sanctions – were part of an “attack” on US security decisions by US “statements” to Bugle officials. Plan against gangs.

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“All of these attacks are coming, and all of these statements are precisely (with the regional control plan) due to its effectiveness and the downfall of the two political parties that have ruled for 30 years,” Argueta said. Refers to the Farabundo Marti Front for National Liberation (FMLN) and the Nationalist Republican Alliance (Arena).

He promised that political parties would “bargain with gangs” and “become terrorists.”