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The U.S. Immigration Service no longer arrests illegal immigrants without criminal records

The U.S. Immigration Service no longer arrests illegal immigrants without criminal records

Photo: REUTERS / Go Nakamura

The Joe Biden administration announced a change in immigration arrest policy in the United States. Priority, henceforth, The arrest of those who represent a danger to society – i.e. those with criminal offenses – thus restricts detention for reasons of irregular immigration status..

ICE agents They will no longer have the power to make regular arrests in immigration courts on the grounds of not having immigration documents in the United States., As has often happened until now.

According to National Security Secretary Alejandro Myorgas This practice encouraged many to attend court hearings and to cooperate with authorities. In many cases, the same inquiries were made regarding their immigration status, and many did not attend for fear of being arrested there.

Alejandro Myorgas.  REUTERS / Kevin Lamarck
Alejandro Myorgas. REUTERS / Kevin Lamarck

That is not to say that ICE agents are completely barred from making arrests in court. Authorities suspect that the person may have been subjected to serious harassment or destroyed evidence in a criminal case, in cases involving national security matters that represent a danger to society, People can be arrested by immigration officials in court.

“The expansion of immigration arrests in court during the previous administration had a chilling effect on people wanting to go to court or work in collaboration with law enforcement,” Majorcos said in a statement. New move.

According to the official, it is “to balance the administration of fair justice through the application of immigration law”.

During the previous administration, the number of people arrested in the courts increased as a result of so-called sanctuary cities (municipalities that decided to protect immigrants, regardless of their immigration status). According to officials, local authorities have refused to cooperate with the ICE and have not turned on them despite the threat to the immigrant community. The priority is to prevent those who endanger public safety, such as gang members, but it does not limit the authority of the authorities. As a result, regular arrests were made even among people who had no criminal record..

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Although change in immigration law can only come through Congress, the country’s administrative administration can make changes in the implementation of the law, as exemplified by the recent announcement.

While some of the measures implemented by the Trump administration are reversed, the so-called “Title 42” is maintained. It is a public health order that authorizes customs and border security to quickly evacuate most people trying to enter the United States illegally. At the border, they also launched Operation Sentinel, which would impose financial and travel restrictions on smugglers to prevent the smuggling of immigrants.

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