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Jaime Lozano confirms his absence from the Mexican national team and his message for the return of Reinaldo Rueda to Honduras.

Jaime Lozano confirms his absence from the Mexican national team and his message for the return of Reinaldo Rueda to Honduras.


After being humiliated in the League of Nations v United Statetrainer Jaime Lozano He came to the Mexican national team to try and reverse the situation in the 2023 Gold Cup and managed to win the title.

The Aztecs lifted the crown for the ninth time thanks to Jimmy’s management in less than a month. However, his future is uncertain because from now on he is free. His contract was only for competition play and the federation will now have to decide whether to sign a new bond or choose another DT.

“I had to come to a not-so-good moment, but when you trust people, you prepare, that was a great opportunity for us, but if he (the champion) hadn’t come out, I would have thought the same,” he said. Galore After he was the champion of the tournament in the press conference.

The technician also resumed the operation, similar to what he commented on Guillermo Ochoa And Panama It’s an example of long-term work, but he noted that he’s no longer attached to “Tri” from tonight.

“From now on I am free. We Mexicans do not believe much in this process, but even after losing the final you have to value other things, and I value that very much for the Panamanian team. If we trust more in this process, the results will be enormous… A decision will have to be made and I will always be ready for it.

Although his contract expired, Galore He agreed that winning the Gold Cup opened him up to more options to continue with the national team.

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“With these results, we hope that opportunities will open up. Of course I would like to be here and coach my team in the World Cup. What I am living today is a dream and if I continue, I will continue to sleep.”

Opinion on Costa Rica and Honduras

Jimmy has also been consulted about competitors in the area such as Costa Rica And Honduras. Ticos value continuity Luis Suarez While the catrachos announced the return Rinaldo Rueda Before the 2026 World Cup.

“We played a good game against Costa Rica, they made it difficult for us, they are strong teams, sometimes in Mexico we think it’s a duty, that we are much higher than the Central American teams and it’s not like that, every one when they get close, one grows but they also keep growing.” They are countries that make history, Tico has a different quality, I think they will have many possibilities (to qualify for the 2026 World Cup) and why not dream big and make history? This is how I think of Mexico.” Galore.

To close, he was asked for a return wheel to dichroic. He replied, “He is a coach with a lot of experience and will undoubtedly be able to lead them to fight for participation in the World Cup again.” Galore.