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Is that why she was sick?  Yolanda Andrade confirms that a “dead man” stole 90% of her vital energy

Is that why she was sick? Yolanda Andrade confirms that a “dead man” stole 90% of her vital energy

(Screenshot: Instagram)

The year 2023 was marked by seriousness The health difficulties facing Yolanda Andrade. But weeks ago, her suffering became a trending topic when she underwent a Sufi healing ceremony that was broadcast on television on her show. He now claims that the “dead person” was going to steal his energy, which was the main reason for his discomfort and illness.

The mysterious patch Yolanda Andrade wears over her left eye was The subject of speculation and concern among his fans and relatives. The popular host, who had to be hospitalized earlier this year due to serious health complications, explained on the show Montse and Joe:

I had an aneurysm episode The pain is similar to a migraine, but more advanced,” he previously admitted to his partner, Omar Fierro.

The driver ended up screaming in pain Credit: (TikTok: @unicable)

But there is something else behind this story: an internal struggle for Yolanda to find solutions beyond the conventional. With no noticeable improvement in her health after the aneurysm, Yolanda embarked on an alternative search, and chose Energy healing by famous healer Mr. Oh.

The meeting between the two took place on the set of filming Montse and Joewhere Master Oh, a specialist in the Sun Kyung technique, It uses human energy, known as chi, to restore physical and emotional health.

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When evaluating Andrade, he expressed: “You feel a lack of energy. We have our battery here (pointing to the stomach). The energy generated by our battery should take care of our entire digestive system; From here, the energy must rise to the entire body.

Mr. Oh, in addition to his healing abilities, also possesses a unique compassion. “What I do is feel her pain and her emotions, all that she was carrying.. I feel your pain and determine specifically which pain you are feeling, which is emotional and which is physical. The moment I feel better, she gets better too.” Yolanda was quick to express her gratitude: “I want to thank you, because my pain was very deep.”


However, the plot becomes more interesting when, recently, after receiving this energy treatment, Yolanda Andrade admitted that she was the victim of supernatural influence.

During an interview recorded on Audio with journalist Ines MorenoYolanda revealed this shocking statement that made more than one person think about it.

“God told me I only had 10% of my life; And 90% as if a spirit had stolen my life and energy. It talks about power, like your phone when it has 10 percent battery. “It was me, and someone took my 90 years, and they’re dead,” Andrade said.

Of course, there are many opinions on this subject. However, what remains clear is the complexity and depth of Yolanda Andrade’s personal journey in search of healing and well-being.

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