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Shakira released the official video for the song “Acrostic” with the participation of her two children, Milan and Sasha

Shakira released the official video for the song “Acrostic” with the participation of her two children, Milan and Sasha

Shakira released the official video for the song “Acrostic” featuring Milan and Sasha

Anticipation for this new version of the Colombian was high among her fans, who were hoping she would finally close the chapter Gerard Pique and leave the past, who tormented her greatly by the arrival Clara Shea in their lives. “alphabetic”And That was the name of the song Milan and Sasha were the stars.

The official music video, which was lyrically released last week, hit YouTube this weekend and has already racked up millions of views. With these photos, the woman from Barranquilla was able to photograph her before and after separation.

The first images show a basketball court, a ball on the floor, and the artist sitting in front of a piano, showing the first chords.

In addition, it includes the first video Cameo of his children accompanying her on the piano, which once again confirmed that the children had the same artistic spirit as a translator Music Sessions #53 And they imprinted their stamp, each one with its own tone of voice and even Milanese included some urban rhythms that didn’t go unnoticed.

Shakira premiered her new musical theme.

Through a message on her Instagram account, the Colombian highlighted the qualities of her children and focused heavily on this Milan composed songs that “broke the tears of passion”, while minor sasha, He spent hours in front of the piano keyboard.

“They both participated beside me in the studio and upon hearing this song dedicated to them they asked me to participate. They felt it and interpreted it themselves and themselves, with the passion and feeling of those who carry the music inside. Milan and Sasha It’s great to see how they spread their wings to start making their dreams come true! Nothing makes me feel more fulfilled than being his mother.”, the singer replied on her social network.

Helmet, glove and baseball before being packed up during the Colombian’s transfer from Barcelona to Miami. YouTube screenshot.

Perhaps there were moments when the artist’s fans were filled with grief: those moments when She is shown packing her children’s clothes, Also when he displays Sasha’s helmet and baseball glove on one of the shelves, or on which you can see photo frames with photos of the moments they shared together.

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And there he surprises the little boy with his voice as he sings:

“The pain is like anesthesia, it makes me feel better… I’m here for whatever you need, I’ve come to complete who I am.”

In between packing her things to head to Miami, the curtain has finally closed Esplugas de Llobregat And there, in that part of the video where the class closes and does it with Milan’s voice, he interpreted his part of the song:

“It’s like a pain reliever, it makes me feel better, I’m here for whatever you need… I’ve come to complete who I am”, with the urban touch he only knows how to put on his mom’s songs and also play the piano like your brother.

Social networks have revolutionized some of the theories that point to their existence A slight hint of the former Catalan footballer, Well, one of the song’s lines focused on trying to save the more than 12 years they’ve been together.

Shakira presented the official video to the Acrostic channel, in which she left several messages through the photos that she presented there with her children. YouTube Capture.

“And even if life treated me this way… only one plate was broken, not all the crockery, and though I don’t know how to turn the other cheek, learning to forgive is wise… If things are damaged, they are not thrown away, they are repaired, and problems are encountered and dealt withYou have to laugh at life even though the wounds hurt you.”

With this, her followers confirmed once again that she does not need to add more salt to the wound, to make it clear that through her songs she expresses every feeling that overwhelms her.

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