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Aracely Arámbula destroys Luis Miguel in public: he calls him the “cockroach king”

Aracely Arámbula destroys Luis Miguel in public: he calls him the “cockroach king”

no.There is no doubt that the relationship between Araceli Arambola and Luis Miguel did not end in the best way and although they have two children in common, that does not prevent the Mexican actress from making controversial comments against El Sol.

It all happened after Luismi was caught in Marbella with living with Paloma and Blanca, daughters of his girlfriend Paloma Cuevas, while Arámbula asks him to take more responsibility with his offspring.

Aracely caused an uproar over how she was going to remember Luis Miguel, the father of her children, in front of hundreds of people last weekend.

Araceli Arambola goes against Luis Miguel

The actress attended an event in Mexico on Saturday, May 13, according to photos posted to Instagram by Michelle Faith.

“Mamasitas, if you get out of the cockroach king,” he said between laughs and cheers from the audience, “you can get out of any boy.”

Marital status: ‘Unmanageable,’ added the 48-year-old interpreter, again unleashing applause from the audience and even the applause of her friend Michelle Faith, who was her companion all night.

This is not the first time that Aracely Arámbula has called Luis Miguel a “cockroach”, because in 2021 a TikTok video went viral in which the word “La Chule” can be heard referring to his ex-wife in this form.

“Get up, beautiful! Let’s move on, yes we can! If I get out of someone everybody loved, why don’t you? As my niece says, if I get out of … why don’t I go get out of the cockroach?”, he recalled at the time.

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Amidst this, an old interview that the actress gave in that country last weekend was revived on social media and some media in Mexico, in which she accused Luis Miguel of not calling his son Miguel on his birthday.

“My father did not call. He has a lot of father, with my father, with my brother, my nephews, my children are happy, they are in a very close family, a very divine family, and the truth is that they have more than gifts and love, especially the main thing which is affection and love, the truth We don’t miss anything,” he told the press in 2020.

Aracely Arámbula and ‘El Sol’ ended their relationship in 2009 after four years of relationship.