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He told me how he “embarrassed” Milan and Sasha at their new school in Miami

He told me how he “embarrassed” Milan and Sasha at their new school in Miami

to Beginning of May Gerard Pique has traveled to Miami, United States, to meet their children for the first time since they moved with their mother to the North American city, where they started their new life after separation. Although the photos of the former football player have been seen They eat with their children, Milan and Sasha And since they shared their time, it was now Ana María Alvarado, presenter of “Sale el Sol”, who confirmed it. Gerard Pique was not well off after he went to the school board as an ‘international footballer’ and showed something ‘special’ when they asked for autographs and picturesSources say that the former soccer player was boasting about part of the achievements he achieved when he was a player in Barcelona. This school council also attended Shakirawho unlike Gerard Pique Just presented in a simple way She says her nationality and she is the mother of Milan and Sasha.

Ana Maria Alvarado also confirmed that both Milan and Sasha have adapted well to their new school Which seems like they already have friends because they are seen with so much energy when they show up. And it is that the children of Shakira and Gerard Pique have always been very sociable and talkative.

Milan, author of the definitive version for piano on the theme “Acrostic”

Shakira is back in the news musically, releasing a new single: “Acrostic”, which is dedicated to her children Milan and Sasha, but there are also certain references to Gerard Pique, her ex-partner and father of the children. Milan’s name appears with the initials of some phrases, a piece premiered with an animated video in which a mother bird protects her chicks, just as Shakira did with her children in this painful process. She also makes references to Sasha and even Pique, saying that “only one plate has broken, not all the crockery”, or “you have to laugh at life even though your wounds hurt”, which she did after many months of suffering. But through social networks, where many users stated that the producer Lexus confirmed through a live broadcast on Instagram that it was Milan who played the instrument for the final version of his mother.

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