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Salinas Plego responded by Half a Metro.  Shut up inche nano asshole

Salinas Plego responded by Half a Metro. Shut up inche nano asshole

Medio Metro and Ricardo Salinas Plego They are two characters constantly It became a trend on social mediaeither through your videos or comments.

On this occasion, both of them had a battle at TwitterAfter the famous dancer was criticized Patrick Borghetti After the controversial comments described as racist against the actress Halle Bailey, star of The Little Mermaid.

How did the lawsuit between Medio Metro and Salinas Pliego begin?

after the interview Patricio Borghetti to Halle Bailey has become a trend Medio Metro slammed the driver for the comments he made, accusing him of being unprepared and Leave a bad photo at the international level.

Patricio Borghetti makes it clear that he is unwilling to give interviews, which gives a bad impression on television programs at the national level. But what can be expected from Tv Azteca when the owner is so tacky?“.

What did the owner of TV Azteca reply?

It is well known that Ricardo Salinas Plego He usually responds directly and frankly to people who speak ill of him or his companies, so he never hesitated. Defending his TV station driver.

“Shut up in the asshole nano and start dancing!”.

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