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La Sonora Santanera can sue Eric Rubin and Andrea Legarreta

La Sonora Santanera can sue Eric Rubin and Andrea Legarreta

despite of Eric Rubin and Andrea Legareta have ended their relationshipAnd We continue to do projects togetherone of them is A concert tour called Cumbiain which La Sonora Santanera was therebut it was From here begins a legal battle.

After years of fighting for ownership of the name with other groups La Sonora Santanera left with María Fernanda the victory.

thorns For this that They will start legal action against Rubén and Legaritasince l Although he was notified of the dispute with the other group They didn’t stop the shows.

Jill Navarrete Musical Director La Sonora Santanera, Talk about the show first hand And revealed that There was already a decision in his favor, for the same reason They will take action because they irresponsibly used their name.

This decision has already been implemented That fact that we’ve been waiting for and which I think benefits everyone. Gentlemen, all this time commenting on many things to a certain extent, we think irresponsibly.

Using a name irresponsibly generates a penalty can go From 500 thousand pesos to four million pesos. Said penalty will be received by those who use that name and those who employ them, in this case Eric Rubin and Andrea Legaretta. As if that were not enough, they could even demand 40% of the profits taken.

“It constitutes a violation in terms of trade

And the penalties imposed by the authority are both very high For a group whose name is similar to La Sonora Santanera, How could it be Also any businessmanor product or organization Use and announce that La Sonora Santanera will be made available there

Claudio Jarto stepped in to speak with Eric Rubin

Finally, Navarrete confirmed it They spoke with Claudio JartoTimbirichi and Kalu singer, He even talks to Robyn, but it just doesn’t work out As expected, since another Sonora Santanera band ended up at the Cumbia Machine Festival.

“This fellow from the media in charge of this project (Eric Rubin) called me and I made him see that the truth is nothing against him personally, we even said to him: ‘Why don’t you check it out well, you must understand that there is a situation that the gentlemen bring in in a very irresponsible way’ Their event and the consequences are still being held now. He didn’t just sue him (Eric Rubin), They also filed a lawsuit against his wife The famous Andrea Legarita, his daughter too. We are not entitled to give names, but they know who we are referring to and as soon as the demands arise, because they are very strong demands, they are millionaires.

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