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Anna Barbara responds to a fan who called her 'old man' at a full concert

Anna Barbara responds to a fan who called her ‘old man’ at a full concert

The Mexican singer shared the strange moment that was recorded during a show she gave in the United States.

Anna Barbara delighted her followers with her successes during the “Mexican Feast”, an event held last weekend in Milwaukee, United States.

And the translator of “Bandido”, through her account on Instagram, published some pictures from her show, in which talent and excitement were wasted on the stage.

Photo: Image caption & non-commercial/instagram.com/p/CTJjqE6gzHH/

However, the celebrity also repeated a video she posted on TikTok in which she captured a strange anecdote that she lived through in the middle of the show.

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It turns out that the 50-year-old Mexican singer ran into a fan who called her “old man.”

Photo: Image of an illustrative, non-commercial nature / instagram.com / p / CTLT_31AEbT /

According to the recording, a man in the front row shouted to her: “What a beautiful old woman!” Just when the artist was walking on stage and she passed in front of him.

Although the real name of the singer Altagracia Ugalde Motta seemed to take the situation with humor, she answered in her own style: “Not too old, fare ***”, which caused the audience to laugh.

On Instagram, Anna Barbara accompanied the unusual moment with the description: “Old Hills and Turning Green,” which generated a series of comments from fans of the “Trap” translator, among them praising the celebrity for staying cheerful. at her age.

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