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SSN: Meaning of your Social Security Number |  composition

SSN: Meaning of your Social Security Number | composition

The United States Social Security Card Getting a job, filing taxes, applying for bank loans, and receiving your retirement payments are essential. It means to look after it like a treasure. Do not carry it everywhere or share it with anyone else. The cover is also interesting. Did you know that your 9-digit number is unique and unrepeatable? Do you know what that means?

In principle, a Social Security Number (SSN) is assigned to US citizens, permanent residents, and foreign workers so that they can carry out certain procedures. The number is personal and care. In 2023 alone, 1 million identity theft reports using SSNs will be reported.

What do social security numbers mean?

A United States Social Security card has nine digits (Photo: Shutterstock)

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is responsible for issuing Social Security numbers to individuals living in the United States. The number consists of nine digits, distributed in the format “YAA-GG-SSSS”.. Divided into three parts:

  1. The first three digits are the Area Number (AAA) where you live*
  2. The middle two digits are your group number (AAA-GG)
  3. The last four are your serial number (AAA-GG-SSSS).

* Between 1973 and June 25, 2011, the SSA used the ZIP code to assign the area number, but the formula was changed so that the user was not at risk because it could be easily traced by criminals. Currently, the numbers are randomly distributed.

What are social security numbers for?

Social Security numbers are used to report people’s wages to the U.S. government and determine eligibility for Social Security benefits. Each person needs their number to work, receive social security benefits, and participate in government programs.

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More information on Social Security

What is Social Security?

Social Security is a government program that provides economic benefits to certain categories of people. This is Franklin D. Established in 1935 as part of the New Deal during Roosevelt’s presidency. Social Security is designed to provide financial benefits to certain categories of people, including retirees, the disabled, and survivors of deceased workers.

Which agency administers social security?

In the United States, Social Security is a federal social security program administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA). The Social Security program is financed by payroll taxes, which are taken from the wages of workers and the income of employers.

What is the average SSA fee by state?

Although not all states pay the same amount, Social Security payments are approved and controlled by the Joe Biden-led federal government. Thus, the amount may vary depending on various factors for each member, such as retirement age, earnings history, Social Security credits, as well as marital status and list of dependents. For example, you pay $1,467 in Alabama and $1,480 in Alaska, but how much does each state get?