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Comedian Ulysses Tuarac complains that he was denied acting in a theater in Havana

Comedian Ulysses Tuarac complains that he was denied acting in a theater in Havana

Cuban comedian Ulysses Tuarak He complained on social media about the ban on his participation in a comedy club held on Saturdays at the Teatro Bertolt Brecht café in Havana.

“Once again, the long arm of the law. I was coordinating the act at the invitation of the men who were doing it, at a comedy club held on Saturdays at Bertolt Brecht's Café delle. 'Coincidentally' I can't work there either.”, pointed out The comedian in a Facebook post implied that there have already been several occasions where something similar has happened to him.

“I don't know why I have the impression that my list is getting darker. In any case. Siege, but with 30 hands.

Facebook Capture/Ulysses Tuarak

In the comments section, the comedian received overwhelming support from his followers, who criticized the government's increasingly tightening censorship of artistic creativity, a policy that has characterized the regime for decades.

“Only once at an activity a few months ago did they flat out say I couldn't appear. At another proposal for a theater show they asked to exclude me from the cast. This is the fourth time I've tried to work somewhere in the state and it has 'failed' for me to be able of doing so. Green with advice…”, the comedian responded about the precedents of this refusal.

When writer Ramon Fernandez Larrea was asked about the excuse they gave him, the comedian replied that they do not show their faces in public.

“Okra. Anti-fuzz. They don't show their faces in public. Everything is in the third or fourth person. And they lack…to move forward. It's all too revolutionary. You have experience.”he replied.

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“Ulysses, this is so painful and so ugly, that it makes me ashamed. I have nothing to do with this. I am concerned about your work, your being, your being, because you need to work to live and the audience needs too,” said Raul de la Rosa, a well-known artistic director of musical performances. “They don't see that you stayed here with your loved ones in the same difficulties while others left.”

In a veiled reference to other comedians who enter and leave the country, De La Rosa added: “And sure enough, they come back and suddenly you see them working as if nothing had happened. There are examples that have been commented on heavily. Nothing, we're wrong.” Periodically and you don't have any problems.

Many admirers of Ulises Toirac suggested that he would not try again in state venues and perform in private venues.Which is what other comedians like Otto Ortiz, Rigoberto Ferreira or Osvaldo Doimidius do periodically.

There were also those who publicly recommended leaving the country, and going to the United States, where in recent years a growing list of Cuban comedians have arrived, and where the majority have been able to introduce themselves and work as comedians.

“Get paroled. Among the many guild members who have already freed themselves from the yoke and you will be welcomed here with great joy,” one follower recommended.

In recent years, there have been many occasions when Ulysses Twarak has used his talent: humour Express your opinion on social media about countless wrong government policies Or about The harsh reality of daily life for those residing in the countryWhich, judging by the resulting door-locking, must not have gone well at the highest levels.

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