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Was it a bad thing for “Fallout” to release all the episodes at once?

Was it a bad thing for “Fallout” to release all the episodes at once?

When popularity rises netflix, One of its strongest weapons was the broadcast model of its series. The platform was the first in Release entire seasons at once, Eliminating the weekly periodicity that has always characterized these audiovisual formats.

Currently, each streaming service decides which model to follow, And even group them according to your interests. Netflix itself remains true to its style, but has introduced a system of dividing its seasons into parts, releasing different sets of seasons one or several months apart. Other platforms like Prime Video They usually choose weekly broadcasts of their top titles, but with series like Red queen also He falls Choose to launch everything at once.

There's not really a prevailing class release model anymore. Each service chooses its strategy based on the importance or nature of the product. Of course too There was a division of opinion About the way forward. There are still advocates of the traditional weekly pattern, e.g Ben David Grabinski, One of the creators Scott Pilgrim takes that leap.

He used his X (Twitter) account to criticize the “Netflix model” similar to this series He falls Recently: “As someone who had to release his entire series at once… It's the stupidest shit ever.” Grabinski fought with the Big N to at least get an animated series about Scott Pilgrim to have a hybrid model of releases in sets of chapters, But his proposal was rejected All episodes arrived at the same time.

To defend his position, the American screenwriter and director gave an example X-Men '97 How negative it would be for the series if it were released all at once. This is an animated series Disney+ It is published weekly, and its final chapter It sparked a very heated debate On social networks.

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Clearly, Netflix has not done poorly with the strategy it has implemented from the beginning, but the essence of weekly streaming is very different when creating Expectations and spaces for discussion For a longer period and the opportunity to absorb the technical product in a more comfortable way. Another recent example of success in this second formula is Shogun, Also from Disney+. Series It has gained a lot of popularity with each season It is now approaching its peak results, approximately two months after its launch.

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