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Bad Bunny stands in a belt and underwear and says he can't breathe

Bad Bunny stands in a belt and underwear and says he can't breathe

Puerto Rican singer Benito Martinezknown technically as Bad bunnyShe once again caused a stir on social networks with a photo that stunned her more than 46 million followers.

Through his Instagram Stories, the “Monaco” singer shared a selfie where he can be seen Posing in underwear And show his physical work. However, what caught her fans' attention the most was the tightness The scarf I was wearingWhich, according to Bad Bunny himself, prevented him from breathing.

“I can't breathe,” the 30-year-old artist, known as the King of Pop, wrote alongside the photo in which his numerous tattoos can be seen. White underwear and the aforementioned belt.

Bad Bunny IG

The photo quickly spread widely and sparked a wave of comments among social media users. Some praised Bad Bunny's confidence and boldness, while others praised him They criticized the photo for deeming it inappropriate.

“Bad Bunny has a smaller waist than me,” one Twitter user commented, while another wrote: “I don't know what to think of this photo, but one thing is for sure: Bad Bunny always knows how to attract attention.”

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It should be noted that this post takes place in the middle of the world tour Most requested tour which the singer is currently performing. A few days ago, Bad Bunny performed at the Barclays Center in New York, where he had an emotional moment when he burst into tears on stage.

“To those who have been there since day one… I'm just a human being. I have sad days and days when I don't know what to feel. I don't want to be sad in New York.” The singer said while crying as he sat in front of the piano to perform some of their songs.

There's no doubt that Bad Bunny remains one of the most popular and influential artists out there right now. Not only for his music, but also for his unique personality and way of connecting with his fans.

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