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I discovered a world I didn't know (photos)

I discovered a world I didn't know (photos)

Luis Font, former member of “Locomía” sings in the subway to survive | Photo: @baldozambrano01

Louis Font He was one of the Spanish singers and dancers and was part of the music group. In fact, he and his brother Xavier were the founders of “Locomía”. Despite his fame for more than 30 years, Luis was surprised to reveal that he now devotes himself to singing in the streets of the Spanish capital to earn a living.

by vibe

I was scared in the first daysI had a feeling of stage fright, and look, I had never felt it before while singing in front of 50,000 people. People help me not only with some coins, but also by showing their love and admiration. They tell me I can. That's right, if you want, you can.”The musician said in an interview with the “Socialité” program.

I discovered a world I didn't know, where I reconnected with the music and with the audience. I have found many angels who continue to help me. “I can't stop being who I am, my essence is this, I am this and I will always be this, on the subway or anywhere.” The singer added in the conversation.