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Karina Banda admitted that she went to therapy to improve her relationship with Carlos Ponce's children

Karina Banda admitted that she went to therapy to improve her relationship with Carlos Ponce's children

Kareena Panda He's not afraid to be vulnerable in front of the cameras and talks about the challenges he's overcome on a personal level. Proof of this is her recent confession on the program “Desiguales”, where she revealed that she sought the help of a therapist to improve the communication she maintains with the mother and children of her husband, Carlos Ponce.

It was during the final broadcast of the Univision show The Mexican presenter opened her heart and recounted the change she experienced when she started dating someone who already had children.

“When you get into a relationship where the other person already has children, you go into it knowing that it's a full-package relationship, because it's no longer just about them, it's about their kids as well.”She explained to her stage partners, Adamari López, Migbelis Castellanos, Amara 'La Negra' and Dr. Nancy.

He explained that as in any relationship, there is no shortage of disagreements in which one has to consider how they will impact the couple's children. In his case, this was no exception, and he had to learn how to deal with his relationship with the actor's four children during the pandemic season.

I believe that in such cases there is nothing better than the help of a specialist who can advise you on how to deal with situations to avoid problems with your partner and his children.He added during the program.

Everything seemed to indicate that this measure only improved their family dynamics with Carlos Ponce's children: Giancarlo, now 25 years old; Sebastian, 23; And twins Sienna and Savannah, 22 years old. So much so that Kareena Panda is already thinking about starting her own family with the actor.

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We cannot forget that a few months ago she announced her desire to become a mother: “I would like to love the twins, and I hope I won't regret it when they both cry at the same time.”he joked at the time.

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