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Will Smith has broken his silence after the revelation of Jada Pinkett Smith’s memoir

Will Smith has broken his silence after the revelation of Jada Pinkett Smith’s memoir

Will Smith was actually able to read his wife’s silent diary and has a lot to say about her (Reuters/Brian Snyder/File Photo)

Book of memories Jada Pinkett Smith, valuable, arriving in bookstores worldwide on October 17. However, some people had the opportunity to read it before anyone else. This is the situation will Smithwho even shared an emotional message to the woman he was separated from for seven years but continued to refer to as his “wife.”

Jada appeared on the podcast Jay Shettyknown for providing an intimate look at Hollywood’s biggest celebrities like Selena Gomez, Tom Holland, Kendall Jenner And Will Smith himself. the hero of the story I Am Legend He took advantage of Jada’s appearance on the podcast to send her a message in which he talked about all the feelings he felt. valuable I teased him after he reached the last page.

“I just turned the last page of Worthy’s book. It’s amazing to realize that even though I lived most of my life with you, I was still shocked, amazed, and surprised.He laughs, then he is inspired, then he is heartbroken. It was everywhere,” Will wrote as Shetty read it.

“It’s incredible to realize that even though I’ve lived most of my life by your side, I still find myself shocked, awestruck, awestruck, laughing, then inspired, then heartbroken. It was all over the place.” Will Smith said in a letter to Jada (Photo by Amy Sussman/WireImage)

The letter continues with Will Smith admitting that he was not aware of several periods in his wife’s life, in addition to that he was not aware of the pain she experienced throughout these years.

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“It’s one thing to hear stories at a family barbecue, however It has been truly overwhelming to take in your story., intense in such a powerful way. You are one of a kind, a rare combination of strength and delicate sensitivity. I know it wasn’t easy to dig so deep. I salute you and honor you. If you had read this book 30 years ago, you would have certainly embraced it more. I’ll start now. Welcome to the authors club. I love you infinitely. Now go get a merlot and relax.

Although brief, this message sparked a very emotional response from Jada, who held back tears for a moment, but upon hearing Smith’s final words, she burst out laughing and said:

“He knows I can’t drink Merlot… That was beautiful, and that’s why I can’t separate myself from that jokerJada admitted with a big smile.

“Hearing him say he would have hugged me tighter is hearing him say he would have taken a little longer to listen and understand,” Jada said of Will’s words.

Jay takes the opportunity to return to Will’s words as he admits that if he had read this book thirty years ago he would have hugged his wife more. The anchor asked Jada about this message, and the actress immediately started thinking about the context she and Will found themselves in when they got married, with a baby on the way and different ideas about what it meant to have a happy family and how they got there, which generated a lot of friction between them. .

To hear him say he would have hugged me more is to hear him say he would have taken more time to listen and understand.declares Jada, who also finds a lot of maturity in Will’s words when he says he couldn’t do the right things at the time, but right now, with everything he knows now, things could change.

Will admitted he wasn’t aware of many of Jada’s feelings (Reuters/Mario Anzoni TPX Photo Today)

These were not the only words that Smith dedicated to his wife. He will send his first thoughts about the book to New York timesreiterating that throughout the years he spent with Jada, he took many feelings for granted.

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“When you spend more than half your life with someone, a kind of emotional blindness sets in.”. You can easily lose your sensitivity to hidden nuances and subtle beauty.“.

Despite their separation, Jada and Will do not plan to sign divorce papers (Photo Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, file)

As mentioned above, Jada and Will have been separated for approximately seven years. However, neither of them planned to sign the divorce papers, because as Jada confirmed to NBC, they will do everything in their power so that the relationship can be salvaged.

I made a promise that there would never be a reason for our divorce. Let’s work through anything. And I couldn’t break that promise.