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How do you know if your home has fiber optic coverage

How do you know if your home has fiber optic coverage


Learn the best ways to find out if you have fiber optic coverage at home.

The optical fiber connection It has become an essential service. With the strong commitment made by many companies to the hybrid business and a wide range of content providers, such as NetflixAnd the HBO also Disney +it is necessary to be at home a high transfer rate. Otherwise, most of the tasks we do with the computer, mobile phone or TV become an ordeal. If you are still an ADSL user, it can be useful Learn how to position the router to improve the signal. However, the best solution is to rent a fiber optic rate. Now, how do you know if your home has coverage?

In the following sections we give you some suggestions so you can check for yourself If you have coverage in the area where you live. Read on to find out if you can apply for Installing fiber optics in your home.

Check coverage on each operator’s website

With the suggestions we give you here, it will be easy for you to know if there is fiber in the house or not

Without a doubt, this is the most reliable method. Here is the link to consult coverage depending on the operator you wish to contract for the service:

Among all the proposals listed in the table above, one of the simplest is the one proposed by O2. As shown in the following picture, after choosing the fiber bundle, you just have to insert a file Postal code and address where your home is located. nothing else.

How do you know if your home has fiber optic coverage

O2 has a very simple website where you can reference the fiber coverage by providing some data

We recommend using the O2 website for its simplicity and because the results, except in rare cases Practically applicable to all operators. In this way, you only need to make a query, and without having to repeat the process in other portals, make sure that you have fiber optic coverage at home.

Some signs that you have fiber optic coverage

If you are not clear about the counseling services referred to in the previous section, here are two elementary ways to find out if you have fiber where you live.

  • Infrastructure is installed in your building. If the building is old, then naturally the boxes used to bring optical fibers into each home are visible from the outside. On the contrary, in newer blocks of apartments, space is expected inside to house all wires. The look of a CTO in your home is similar (though not disastrous) as we saw in the previous tweet.
  • Ask your neighbors. Surely one of your neighbors has laid optical fiber, if there is coverage. Ask if any of them can give you the answer you need regarding fiber coverage in your home.

Remember: operators have stores and customer service

How do you know if your home has fiber optic coverage

A brief consultation with customer service can give you the answer you are looking for regarding fiber optic coverage in your area

Their main operators physical stores. Some are located at street level and some are in shopping malls. Going to them is a good way to ask if there is already fiber optic coverage in your home. Of course, if you don’t want to travel, call Customer service It indicates that you are interested in the employment of fiber optics. Obviously, you’re not obligated to formalize the contract if you’re not really interested.

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