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CADECA announces new benefits for prepaid cards in dollars in Cuba

CADECA announces new benefits for prepaid cards in dollars in Cuba

Cuba’s network of foreign currency exchange offices, CADECA, has reported news regarding prepaid cards in dollars, a product designed for those visiting the island.

These cards are sold at CADECA offices, airports, hotels and ports in amounts of 1000, 500, 200, 100 and 50.

Created so that travelers residing abroad can purchase goods and services in stores in a freely convertible currency (MLC), in the currencies quoted by the entity: US dollars, Canadian dollars, British pounds, Swiss francs, Japanese yen, Mexican pesos, and euros.

In a new statement from CADECA, the entity refers to “new benefits for prepaid cards.” With the adjustment made, the dollar cards that tourists can buy now have an increase in validity from 2 to 5 years.

in the same vein, Need that it is possible to recharge it up to a maximum of 1000 US dollars, although it is emphasized that “its use is limited to the national territory.”

The measure undoubtedly seeks to stimulate the entry of US dollars into the island, since Cubans residing in the US cannot use their bank cards on the island.

Prepaid cards in dollars in Cuba

According to official information from CADECA, the cards are valid for payment of goods and services in the commercial network such as: hotel reservations, excursions, purchases in stores, purchase of airline tickets, car rental, catering and cafeteria services. , among others..

In order to work for any MLC, owners will need to enter their PIN, with the customer being the only person who knows their code.

“If you want to withdraw cash in the national currency, you can go to an ATM or visit any CADECA to withdraw cash through a point of sale (TPV) known as POS, also, if you want to check your card balance you can do that at ATMs or going to any branch of Banco de Crédito y Comercio (BANDEC) to be informed of the amount of the balance on your prepaid card”, Need.

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Likewise, they explained that once a visitor’s stay in Cuba expires, if he or she still has credit, “it is reimbursed in the MLC.”

Conversely, if you wish to take the card with you for your next visit, within five years of the card’s expiration, “you may also do so, in the same way if you want to leave it for a relative to use as it is valid.”