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With the effect of lifting, illuminating and moisturizing

With the effect of lifting, illuminating and moisturizing

In the cosmetic routine of women over 30 years of age, there is a series of ingredients that should not be lost, much less as the years go by we reach the age of 50 and the needs of the skin change. In this case we will talk about it Retinol, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamideetc.

Retinol: Keys to Incorporating It into Your Facial Routine After 50


We are looking for more Shine, anti-wrinkle, firmness action And a uniform color that makes us regain that plump and juicy skin from a long time ago. Many wonder if it is possible to combine retinol and vitamin C in the same cosmetic product… skin experts answer us.

Reasons to search for a combination of Retinol + Vitamin C

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Contrary to what some people think, retinol and vitamin C are two ingredients that are not only safe to combine, but also… It is convenient to combine them either in a formula or through different products In the same routine, Raquel González, esthetician and artistic director of Perricone MD, adds: “Together they are ideal for improving skin regeneration processes.”

“Vitamin C is perfect to combine with retinol. Together they enhance Antioxidant and shielding action The skin, in addition to promoting its regeneration, as they are its main components The skin produces new collagen and elastin“, tells us Estefania Neto, Director of Dermatological Cosmetics at Medik8.

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For her part, Sonia Ferrero, biotechnology and beauty expert at Byode, confirms that when retinol and vitamin C are combined with each other, they “can improve the skin.” brightness of leather, Unify color and reduce spots, In addition to effectively treating wrinkles and loss of firmness.