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This is how the Correos de Cuba package tracker works

This is how the Correos de Cuba package tracker works

Cubans from inside and outside the island frequently search for information on the Correos de Cuba package tracker.

In the last years of the crisis, shipments of parcels to Cuba have grown exponentially and this tool has become essential to know the status of shipments, which almost always arrive with great delays to their recipients.

Correos de Cuba customers can track the products they have sent to the island using shipping codes that are tracked through the business group’s official website, www.correos.cuor through to request for mobile devices.

Recently, Correos has responded to complaints from several customers who confirmed that their shipments were made a long time ago and they still don’t show up on their tracker.

“We make it clear that shipments are the responsibility of the original postal operator in front of the sender, who is the legal owner of the shipment until it is in the hands of the recipient, until the shipment arrives, is received and registered in the postal operator’s destiny system. Therefore, Cuba Post Office They indicated that it is not possible to provide information on shipments that have not been received.

The company has made it clear on several occasions that the package processing process is lengthy and that it is only upon their arrival at the Office of International Exchange (OCI) that “a period of up to 30 days begins to register, process, process and deliver shipments to their recipients”.

This is how CUBA POST TRACKER works

But, what should you know about the Correos de Cuba tracker? To keep track of the status of your package, you must have a code, which you will write to a file Keep track of.

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The code can be 10 digits in the case of DHL (eg 4567854523, H0470245) and 2 letters, 9 digits and 2 characters for the rest of shipments (eg CP785456859BR).

When you track your shipment and it appears as “Confidential,” it means that it has “already gone through the operational processes in force at the Office of International Exchange (OCI) in Correos de Cuba in Havana and is ready to depart for the sorting center or corresponding home distribution center,” they explain.

If the shipment is stated to be “invoice”, it means that the shipment has already left the Office of International Exchange (OCI) in Correos de Cuba in Havana, to the corresponding classification center or home distribution center.

According to the information provided, once the invoice is issued, the shipment must be picked up at the destination county postal classification center, where it is classified, to be later invoiced, and go to the final destination post office.