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“These people think we came to enslave ourselves here.”

“These people think we came to enslave ourselves here.”

a The Cuban, who works as a delivery driver for Walmart in the United States, refused to load an order For a client who lives on a third floor without an elevator, because in his opinion it is not worth the effort due to the low wage he will receive.

George Drake Shared on his profile Tik Tok A video clip showed five boxes filled with water bottles, in addition to other gallons and bags of food that were in his car, and he had to take them all to a house. An apartment user offered to pay just $15.

The young man, who is originally from Havana, advised his colleagues that when they receive an application, they always review it before accepting it because sometimes the effort is not justified.

“Five boxes of water, a pile of water handles, look at this. The cart is full with one order worth 15 pesos. And when I got to the place, the third floor…” he asked, before detailing how many stairs he had to climb to deliver the goods.

“Here I am, back at Walmart, and… Call me lazy or whatever you want, it's just for fun“Confirm.

According to Jorge, The other apostles rejected this race He only took it because he did not understand its content.

“Now I'm going to cancel it and I'm not going back. Water, do you see my face in the water channel? These people think we came to enslave ourselves here.“he added.

This is not the first time that a Cuban working in this job in the United States has refused to carry an order from an employee who lives in high-rise buildings without an elevator.

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Last August, an Amazon employee TikToker He did not want to take a package to the third floor, claiming that it was too heavy and too hot.

A video shared on TikTok showed the delivery driver in front of a three-story building where he left what appeared to be a stroller in front of the stairs.

“If they feel it, they will come and look for it here,” he was heard saying to the camera, complaining about the heat and the weight of the package.