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McDonald's employee doesn't serve a woman because they “don't pay him to speak Spanish”

McDonald's employee doesn't serve a woman because they “don't pay him to speak Spanish”

A customer approached the McDonald's Automatic to order some food. However, her time in service left her with a bad experience due to the treatment she received from an employee, who refused to serve her because “they do not pay her to speak Spanish.”

When the woman saw the situation, she did not hesitate to take out her cell phone and record the scene. The scope of the filming was so large that after a few days the footage spread widely and sparked controversy due to the man’s statements.

It all started when the woman confronted the employee who confirmed that she was paying her “Spanish speaking service is not included.”​

Although the exact location where the scene occurred is unknown, it is believed to have been in an institution located in a country where they speak English. In reality, The worker spoke with a Mexican accent, and although he knew the language, he would not serve the buyer.

“He didn't speak, because my check didn't say Spanish,” the person from the fast food company said.

The woman did not believe the worker’s position, so she confronted him and said: “Yes, they pay you. If you were a translator, you wouldn't be working at McDonald's.”

The heated discussion continued for a few more minutes, and the person in question expressed that he would not serve in that way, even though the entire conversation took place in Spanish.

After they learned of the situation, a number of company employees decided to comment on the post and express their opinion on what happened. Internet user Brenda Benitez claimed she worked at McDonald's and expressed: “I've worked and they tell me that when I take orders, I have to do it in English, and if a customer tells me things in Spanish, I have to say it that way.”

However, others emphasized that a bilingual person should be financially recognized. “I work at Panda Express, and they don't pay me more for being bilingual, but it's nice to help someone who doesn't know English, that person could be your mom or a family member who doesn't know how to order,” another user said.

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​Many people reflected on and expressed the importance of empathy and humility, without having to humiliate the person who has difficulty speaking the language.

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