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Coble is subjected to a cyber attack  Newspaper

Coble is subjected to a cyber attack Newspaper

Koppel confirmed that it was exposed to a “cybersecurity incident” that affected the operations of its warehouses and the manager of its retirement fund (AFOR).

“In recent days, we identified a failure in some of our systems, so response, protection and analysis procedures for these cases were immediately activated. After a comprehensive investigation process, we determined that it was a cybersecurity incident,” Koppel said in April. 20.

According to the company, Coppel stores are open to the public during normal business hours for “various services,” while its bank was not affected by the cyber attack.

“BanCoppel was not affected by this incident: it has an independent operation and regularly serves its customers in branches as well as in its own network of applications and ATMs,” he said.

“Afore Coppel is in the process of restoring its customer service services,” he added.

If in doubt, Coppel asks its customers to call 800-220-7735, email [email protected] or go to any of its stores to request information.

He stressed: “We will continue to work to restore all our services and our service and sales channels.”

In recent days, Coppel's clients have reported that their debt statements have been modified, in some cases for larger amounts, but in others for smaller amounts or even “deleted.”

In other cases, customers indicated that they had made the corresponding payment on their debts, but Coppel was charging them again due to a system failure.

Likewise, the issue affected procurement processing at Tiendas Coppel.

Due to the effects that have generated extreme uncertainty among its customers or users, Coppel's website has undergone maintenance.

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“Hello, at the moment we cannot receive your order, but we will be ready soon. Meanwhile, all our stores are open for making payments to your Coppel Credit and for purchases on credit or in cash. We are waiting for you!”, points out the legend still on April 23 when The Tiendas Coppel page opens.

The website adds: “We continue to work to restore services.”

Koppel promised his clients that they would not collect the virtual interest generated on their balances due to the harassment that occurred in recent days.

On its Afore website, the Mexican company also acknowledges failure as of Tuesday.

“We have identified failures in our systems. Our team is working to recover them. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We continue to assist you at 800-2267-735 or at [email protected],” Afore Coppel's home page said.