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Horoscopes for today, October 1, 2023, for all zodiac signs

Horoscopes for today, October 1, 2023, for all zodiac signs

in it Today’s horoscopesSunday, October 1start the month with moon Touring Taurus Since it is an earth sign, it will provide you with emotional stability and calm thoughts so that you can schedule your commitments in this new cycle.


The Moon transits Taurus and increases your positive energy and desire to do things in a big way. You will project this through your finances; Above all, by being prepared to analyze proposals for new companies and investments.

You will take today to think about it and then act once you resume your duties. This effect will also increase your mental clarity and sense of calm.

Now you will recognize the good balance within you, to maintain it, remember to take a walk through the parks or on the beach which will make you feel connected to the universe.

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Today the moon moves into your sign and adds its energy so that you are ready for the paths that will open this month. With this influence you will have more emotional stability and calm thoughts.

This in turn will give you more empowerment and make sure that responsibilities do not weigh you down, as there is a strong current of very positive vibrations within your body.

Moreover, with this lunar movement, your mood will be stable and you will be able to enjoy moments of joy and well-being with your most intimate relationships. Capture these moments to keep them in your heart.

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You still have within you the vibration and emotion of this week’s Full Moon. This accumulation of sensations excites you and, at the same time, motivates you to open your mind to new projects that, because they are so difficult, require you to give your full attention.

In order to achieve it efficiently, you will decide to recharge all your energies by enjoying social meetings in which you can have a good time and relieve stress. You will see that celebrating life will make you feel that your love extends to the universe and this returns to you with blessings and protection.

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Today, the moon begins its journey through Taurus, a sign associated with pleasure and good life. It sends you good vibrations to your heart and your emotional relationship. It also brings you harmony by increasing the level of understanding between you and respecting your feelings and emotions. .

However, this vibration also reaches into family relationships. So, get ready to receive visits from relatives you haven’t seen for a while. Enjoy them, and when they toast the reunion, suggest they meet up more often to strengthen the relationship.

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Today, the Moon in Taurus may bother you a little and make you more emotional because it is an element that has nothing to do with your element. Everything that happens around you can disturb you, whether they talk to you or not.

Try to control yourself and consider that you are starting a month. It is better to let everything pass and not fill yourself with dense energies. It is also not the right day to evaluate your relationships, as jealousy and lack of trust control you. Here I recommend learning how to recognize who has given you the evil eye through this simple ritual.

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Today, there are several planets passing through your sign, and to this strong energy is added the good vibration of the Moon in Taurus. Such an event benefits you as it gives you an excellent and unbeatable day to send messages of good wishes and thus renew your connections with important and influential people.

Also to greet and thank your superiors who once provided you with services and assistance. All this movement will help you expand your business, executive and cultural activities for October, and remind them that you will always accept their good career advice.

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Today the moon begins its passage through Taurus and is responsible for awakening one of your greatest weaknesses. This is because it activates a very sensitive area in your personality, which is the place where you hide your fears, and although others do not realize it and see that you are confident in yourself, you know that they are there inside you.

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If you allow yourself to be controlled by emotions, you may experience fears of losing what you have achieved, whether financially or in terms of prestige and power. If you control yourself, you will be able to mentally review your latest achievements, and thus start the month very satisfied with yourself.

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Today you start the month of October more sensitive than usual with the Moon in Taurus, which relies heavily on others and activates the field of your personal relationships. Especially with everything that’s happening with your romantic relationships, both the treatment you give them and the treatment you receive.

Both gestures and words become very important and thus generate a day of disagreements, misunderstandings and a lot of mood changes with your partner or friends, and it is important that you try to calm down internally and wear a veil of peace to start this cycle well. .monthly.

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Today, I advise you to start the month of October with special care, because the moon passing through Taurus can cause doubts and confusion when you organize your work projects for this month. Try not to communicate with anyone during these hours, leave your cell phone aside, this way you will avoid problems.

Find calm, as you can incorrectly evaluate some projects and even make a wrong analysis about which project should be prioritized. The same can happen with colleagues or co-workers you choose to accompany you on your projects.

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The moon reflects your emotional world, as it passes through Taurus, connecting its energies with the energies of the universe to generate renewals in your relationships and feelings. This will be very suitable for your sign, because it will give you a day of well-being and stability, which are the qualities of the sign mentioned above.

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As the hours pass, you will feel that your energy has increased significantly. In addition, you will have enough mental and emotional clarity to have a good time and thus, with a lot of diplomacy and empathy, you can resolve the conflicts of the last days.

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Today the universe is depositing a lot of energy in Taurus, which directly affects your feelings and emotional dependencies as well as your mood.

Especially if you were born during the early days of your zodiac sign, because according to your zodiac sign, you may feel a little disturbed by the arrival of memories of your childhood and some nostalgia for loved ones who are no longer here.

Since all of this increases your fear of continuing to say goodbye to people close to you, I suggest you call on your guardian angel for help and protection.

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All the lunar energy in Taurus today is very beneficial for your sign, because it is compatible. In addition to your big heart and high kindness towards others, the aforementioned influence adds more understanding and patience so that you further strengthen the bonds with the close people you deal with daily.

This will form a special energy bubble around you that will make you attract more people so you can help them with your advice; Especially on the emotional level. You will also increase your social media contacts to make your advice known.

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