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Grupo Firme is already in Cuscatlán’s stadium

Grupo Firme is already in Cuscatlán’s stadium

The Salvadoran fans did not mind the strong sun and lined up early to enter the stadium and enjoy the Mexican group.

At about 4:00 in the afternoon, Grupo Firme fans entered the stadium Cuscatlan to enjoy your music.

“Let’s go to the second,” said Wendy Carrillo, who asked for permission to attend the show. He revealed that he was disappointed when the party was rescheduled due to the rain, but he wouldn’t miss it for anything.

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Others took the opportunity to sing “Ya supérame” while searching for their sites.

People queues are very long since early afternoon. Photo: Human Rights Society/Francisco Rubio

Hours ago, brothers Edwin and Johnny Kaz posted that they are already at the playground and will comply He promised to sing for El Salvador.

The sun was not a hindrance to the early arrival of the Salvadorans. Photo: Human Rights Society/Francisco Rubio

They were also very happy that there was little return.

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The artists assured that they will make a great show for all Salvadorans who love the regional Mexican genre.

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