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‘Los 50’ is the new celebrity competition that Telemundo premieres

‘Los 50’ is the new celebrity competition that Telemundo premieres

Fifty celebrities have accepted the invitation to participate in Telemundo’s new competition reality show called The 50thwhich premieres on Tuesday, July 18th and offers a prize of up to $350,000 to the winner

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In this innovative reality show, the 50 characters will live together in a luxurious farmhouse, completely separated from the outside world, and during their stay they will compete in various qualifying challenges. Each game will be under the leadership of the game master, Lion, and will have the help of a team of helpers (otherwise known as foxes, dogs, and rabbits). To survive, the participants will have to forge alliances, create strategies, and avoid being eliminated until the last one wins the prize.

This competition will take the place you leave open Top Chef VIPWhich crowned its winner, Alana Leteras, yesterday. The 50th It can be enjoyed from Monday to Friday, and the week will be divided as follows: Eliminate Monday, Lucky Tuesday, Eliminate Wednesday, Eliminate Thursday, and Eliminate Friday.

In addition, fans will be able to take part in this reality through The 1950s: Fan Zonefrom the website of Los50Telemundo.com. There, there will be simple questions, polls, exclusive videos, and interviews, and at the end of the competition, a fan who correctly picks their favorite celebrity will get the chance to win $50,000.

List of participants

that’s it famous 50 who will compete for $350,000 locked in a luxurious ranch.

  1. Manelik Gonzalez
  2. Thali Garcia
  3. Isabella Sierra
  4. Salvador Zerboni
  5. John Vidal
  6. Lorenzo Mendez
  7. Dania Mendez
  8. Yuliana Benesch
  9. Jessica Koch
  10. lambda garcia
  11. Alan Slim
  12. Sebastian Caicedo
  13. Luis “Potro” Caballero
  14. group king
  15. Fernando Lozada
  16. Nicky Chavez
  17. Juliette Grajales
  18. Julia Gamma
  19. Ojani Noah
  20. Daniela Alexis “Pepchita”
  21. Brandon Castaneda
  22. Jose Ramos
  23. Macy Gonzalez
  24. Anna Barra
  25. Sissy Pons
  26. Jesus Castro
  27. John Paul Blaine
  28. Rafael Nieves
  29. Polo Monares
  30. Assaf Torres
  31. Samira Jalil
  32. Daniela Tapia
  33. Jessica Stonem, “La Diabla”
  34. anody lara
  35. Julio Ron
  36. Beta Mejia
  37. Anahi Isali
  38. Glenda Bean
  39. Shirley Arica Valley
  40. Kim Chantal
  41. Adriano Zendegas
  42. Luis “El Suavecito”
  43. Michelle Lando
  44. Fernanda de la Mora
  45. Douglas Castillo
  46. Stephen Castillo
  47. Carly Lopez Castro
  48. Louisa Fernanda
  49. Fernando Noriega
  50. Gianmarco Onestini
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