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Finally, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will adopt ultra-fast charging borrowed from electric vehicles

Finally, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will adopt ultra-fast charging borrowed from electric vehicles

Samsung’s next foldable devices will continue to play in the same league of fast charging without innovations in this regard, just like all the flagships from years ago. One of the first exceptions to it was the Galaxy Note10+ which supported 45W fast charging, but now everything seems to be changing due to The use of technology borrows from electric cars.

Perhaps it all has to do with the problems that the Korean manufacturer has been experiencing for years with the Galaxy Note 7 and that led them to stop their distribution in a historic moment for the brand. and that is All of its flagships lack high-speed freight Which other manufacturers boasted charges a smartphone in a matter of minutes. This year, Redmi itself showed off a 300-watt ultra-fast charge that can fully charge a mobile phone in five minutes.

It’s now been leaked that the upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra, and possibly the Galaxy S24+, could use technology taken from electric cars. called “stacked battery”. This is relatively new, but is already widely used in some industries related to electric vehicles, backup power grids, and portable power systems.

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Its use will depend on the supply chain, as Samsung is currently testing batteries made in a factory in China. One of the biggest advantages of “stack batteries” is their ability to charge extremely quickly. and that is The Galaxy S24 Ultra can reach 65W In order to deviate from the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s current support of 45W.

The batteries of both the S24 Ultra and S24+ will come in at 5,000mAh, but the former, according to GSMArenaAnd It will have an additional cooling system Which will allow you to reach higher charging speeds. The inability of the base model of the Galaxy S24 series to reach such speeds mainly depends on the insufficient output power supply, although it can be used in the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6 of 2024. And it is that even Apple is already behind the use of This technology to bring it to all iPhone 15 devices.

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naturally, Uncertainty will be present If Samsung finally introduces ultra-fast charging in its next Galaxy S24 after everything that happened with the Galaxy Note 7, though the delay in implementing speed charging has certainly helped the Korean manufacturer apply the right technology so that their cell phones are always breached in protection.

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