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This 45-year-old malt comes in a perfume-like bottle.

This 45-year-old malt comes in a perfume-like bottle.

There have been some odd-looking, ultra-modern, vintage bottles of Scotch whiskey released in recent years, the kind that works almost better as a decanter than a decanter. The newest abstract glassware has arrived with a new 45-year-old malt from Old Pulteney It looks like a Faberge egg with a windswept scarf over an asteroid, and is only available at auction.

Wave Bow by Old Pulteney

The whiskey in question Old Pulteney is called Bow Wave, the oldest single malt whiskey that comes from the Highland Distillery on the north east coast of Scotland. It has been matured for over 40 years in American oak barrels and then aged in Spanish oak barrels first packed for another five years.

Old Pulteney

he Whiskey expert Dave Broom He was one of the lucky few to try the expression and he had this to say about the palate: “Refined, clearly ripe, yet still fresh. There are hints of dried pineapple, a light waxy glaze, and then a fragrant, bitter sandalwood with a touch of austerity behind it.” There are notes of oxidized walnut, then leather oils that drift into the varnish. Complex and exquisite.”

Only one Bow Wave bottle is available and it was designed by Brody Nairn and Nicola Burns from Glassstorm.

The bottle itself is made of hand blown glass with cutouts meant to simulate waves crashing around a ship in stormy seas. The top is dark blue, while the bottom has a faded silver band around it that was designed by local Scottish silversmith Lucy Woodley.

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The cork is hidden and can only be accessed with a specially designed key.

Old Pulteney
Old Pulteney

Finally, the bottle is fixed to a piece of Caithness slate. “The distillery’s rich history has provided so much inspiration, but so has something as simple as a beautifully shaped pebble that Nikki and I found while walking along the northern beaches,” Nairn said in a statement. This pebble and its motion in the water reflected the bow of a surf-breaking boat,

If you would like to own this whiskey artwork, you will need to bid on the auction Distilled One of One to be held on October 25th at Hopton Housenear Edinburgh.

You can register here. Proceeds will benefit The Distillers’ Charity, and according to a Sotheby’s brand representative, it is estimated that the whiskey It can sell for $40,000.

However, if you are looking for some Old Pulteney whiskey to drink now, check out the main collection at ReserveBar.

You can also find the ultimate new Pineau des Charentes whiskey, the first in the coastal Old Pulteney series, available for purchase. here.

This article was previously published by JONÁS FLICKER in Robb Report USA.