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What are and how to send hidden WhatsApp stickers |  data

What are and how to send hidden WhatsApp stickers | data

Most of the users use popular stickers to give more fun and above all an expressive touch to their personal and group chats. The WhatsAppBecause it expresses not only feelings, but also situations, sports, trips, etc. It is possible to obtain the stickers in three different ways: first, by downloading them through the messaging application itself; secondly, by favorite stickers sent by your friends; And thirdly, by creating it yourself with the help of third-party applications.

On this occasion, we will teach you from the mag how to do it Get the hidden stickers that WhatsApp kept secret for a long timeAs is known, the app that belongs to the Meta always announces the publication of a new pack of stickers, but with these it was completely different and even unnoticed.

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We tested the WhatsApp trick with two keyboards: Microsoft SwiftKey and Google’s Gboard, so we recommend either one. Try applying the action if using another keyboard, or download it through the Android Google Play Store.

Steps to enable hidden WhatsApp stickers

  • First, check it out The WhatsApp You have no pending updates.
  • Now, open the app and join any conversation, be it personal or group.
  • The next step is to press once in the text field (where it says “message”).
  • Write here the following:because?Without the quotes, of course.
  • Wait a bit and at the top of the keyboard you will see a sticker that says “Why” and two arrows pointing up and down, tap on them.
  • You will see the hidden stickers, move them to the right so that you can choose any of the designs.
  • Done, that will be. Without a doubt, this is a good option when you want to get answers in a specific situation.
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This you must do to receive the WhatsApp verification code

  • Remember that if your account is already unlocked and you received this code without asking, do not share it with anyone, they are trying to unlock your account on another mobile phone.
  • Also don’t ask for the code multiple times, because The WhatsApp I would consider it an unusual activity and you would have to wait hours or even days to order it again.
  • Restart your smartphone.
  • Check for internet connection, whether you are connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data.
  • If the code did not arrive by SMS, request it by phone call.
  • Nothing happened? It is likely that there will be breakdowns in your area, ask someone to call you or send a message, so you will find out if you have problems with mobile coverage.
  • It is also correct to contact the operator that provides you with telephone services.
  • Remove the SIM card and reinsert it, by the way check that the copper part is not damaged, otherwise you have to change it because the chip no longer works.
  • If you have two messaging apps, check them out, suddenly it’s time. verification code.
  • finally, Clear cache and data of WhatsAppDon’t worry, nothing will be deleted from your account because you haven’t opened your account yet.
  • To do this, access Settings > tap on the Apps section > search for WhatsApp > tap on Storage > at the bottom clear cache and data.

Did you find an interesting WhatsApp trick? We tell you that this messaging app is constantly changing and updated, so new shortcuts, icons and widgets are always appearing that make your experience of sending or receiving texts, stickers or multimedia content more pleasant. To continue discovering the news You will only need to enter the following link With more WhatsApp notes in the Mag, and that’s it. Do not miss it!

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