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5 iOS 17 features you need to try if you have the public beta installed

5 iOS 17 features you need to try if you have the public beta installed

If you have already installed the iOS 17 public beta, these are the first features you should try out.

These are the first iOS 17 features that you must try

The iOS 17 public beta is now available for download and anyone with a compatible iPhone can experience the benefits of Apple’s new operating system. Despite the fact that from the outside it may seem that iOS 17 comes with some new features, testing it is the time you will find Many small improvements so interesting.

So, even though it’s a beta version, we’re offering you 10 features worth installing iOS 17 now beta. And if you already have it installed, we encourage you to try it out on your iPhone.

1. At rest

Prepare in iOS 17

iOS 17 feature is great

It is one of the best features of iOS 17. When you put your iPhone on charge and place it horizontally, you will see a new screen that we can get A table clock, our calendar, our music player, or our favorite pictures. Best of all, it is fully customizable.

From Settings> In the rest, you can activate different options. To customize what appears on the screen, charge your iPhone, lock it, and rotate it to landscape mode. By sliding sideways and up and down you can change what appears To show what you like.

2. Contact stickers

Contact stickers in iOS 17

This is one of the first features in iOS 17 that you should try out

This is a job Improves the communication interface when an important and well-known person calls. You can customize both your contact sticker, to share with other users, and any contact.

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Just go into the Contacts app and select the contact for whom you want to create a sticker. Tap Edit at the top right, then tap Edit below the photo. Now click customize and you can create the contact sticker by editing Pictures, colors, texts or Memojis.

3. Offline maps in Apple Maps

Offline maps in Apple Maps

In iOS 17, we can download maps for offline use in Apple Maps

The new Maps function in iOS 17 allows us to download maps for reference when we don’t have an internet connection. a Very useful postEspecially if we visit a country and we don’t have data. You just have to do this:

  • Enter the Apple Maps app on the iPhone.
  • Click on your avatar in the lower right area.
  • Enter the Offline Maps section.
  • Click Download New Map.
  • A box will appear on the map and everything inside will be downloaded, and you can edit it by zooming in and moving around the map.
  • In the lower area, you will see how much the downloaded area of ​​the map occupies.
  • Click the download button below

4. Interactive widgets

iOS 17 Tools on iPhone

Finally, interactive widgets are coming to iPhone with iOS 17

This is a novelty from iOS 17 that may have gone unnoticed by the vast majority but is of monstrous importance. Apple now allows The tools are interactive and not just a direct access to the respective applicationwhich gives them a lot of benefits.

Right now, there aren’t many apps out there that have interactive widgets, but while they’re coming we recommend them Music widget with which you can pause and play playback Our songs or household piece, with which we can running lights Simply from the widget.

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5. Visual safety distance

New screen distance feature in iOS 17

This iOS 17 feature wants to help our health

This iOS 17 feature will help our eyesight since its activation It will detect if we are using the iPhone too close to the eyes. You can activate it from Settings > Usage time > Screen distance.

To help reduce eye strain and the risk of myopia in children, Screen Distance will alert you when you hold an iPhone or iPad with Face ID too close to your eyes

Yes You already have iOS 17 These are the first functions you should try. The new operating system of the iPhone keeps many secrets and little by little you will discover them.