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Diosdado Cabello “silenced” influential Israel Gomez

Diosdado Cabello “silenced” influential Israel Gomez

Turn on notifications. The notification that Irael Gomez made to his followers on his Instagram account, which is about 2.6 million, was to find out about a complaint in which he revealed a person or organization with photos, full names, network accounts and conversations in screenshots. a screen.

Although cIt started with complaints of abuse of women and children, then turned to alleged doctors or cases of medical malpractice. This led him to add thousands of fans because after one post, the prosecutor of the system Tarek William Saab has appointed prosecutors and demanded arrests in a country with a 92 percent penalty rate.

With the alleged abuser’s complaint, the victims were also exposed and many found this the only avenue for some justice. They sent videos to Iran with their testimonies, evidence, and audio recordings that he posted, and it went viral instantly.

Ariel can’t be questioned on his behavior because he’s been chasing comments too, He searched for the user’s profile and exposed his photos and information, such as the case of a woman who criticized him for “overexposing” his daughter with presenter Curly Ruiz. In her stories, she published how a woman’s husband begged her for forgiveness.

This media powerhouse led him to create a platform called “Decentralized Journalism” that claimed to go “where no one has gone.” It broadcast files and documents from state institutions.

This led to singer Chino Miranda being hospitalized being a media event with arrests, inaccurate data and even moving to a place without his mother’s consent.

But there was a shift in the behavior of the self-styled “crisis manager” the day he denounced a “cult” that, according to his press, promoted abortion in Venezuela, on May 30.

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It was a secret clinic where they practiced terminating pregnancies. It is something that constitutes a crime in Venezuela, despite thousands of requests from movements that promote discussion, so that abortion is considered in special circumstances and in the hands of professionals who do not risk the life of the girl or the woman.

This time there was something different in the comments.

That day, it became a trend on the social network Twitter and the comments were about people’s exposure, the superficiality with which he touched such a deep topic.

Chavismo’s second-in-command, Diosdado Cabello, commented on his Wednesday program Con el Mazo Dando: “I saw on the networks…they put a trigger and immediately the police acted, what the hell is that? For a person to act because the stimulus points to one person and points to another and living beings immediately become active.”

“How is that more important to us than what people think? We’re not here for it, so that someone can denounce it on the networks and then you have to do what the influencer says because that’s their business, that’s not the case.”

This statement by the feared Diosdado was enough to silence Eriel Gomez. There have been no more complaints or revelations of abusers or pseudo-professionals.

Israel, which has been accused in the past of being responsible for giving the regime the exact location of the rebels Oscar Perez when he was killed, He limited himself to showing off his luxuries and photos of the model who is today his passion partner, Claudia Paseggio.

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The author of Manipulate Me claims to be the creator of a formula for spotting, “confronting, controlling, or becoming one” manipulators.