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Learn about Karol G status in WhatsApp and how to activate it

Learn about Karol G status in WhatsApp and how to activate it

Carol J. It never stops billing and goes fully into the app world. There is no doubt that the Colombian is the woman of the moment (although some say it is Shakira) and companies are waiting for everyone to get their slice of the money and why not continue to become more famous.

The WhatsApp It has become the most widely used instant messaging application in the world, due to its tools that allow direct communication, as well as continuous updates to improve this goal. Its new functions allow the platform to activate options that can be classified as exotic.

Carol J. Source: @karolg Instagram

Share WhatsApp messenger with “La Bichota”

Through this messaging tool owned by Meta, it allows users to adjust the application to their tastes and hobbies, through the appearance settings of the instant messaging application. In this arrangement of ideas, the lovers Carol J.they will be able to activate reggaeton mode.

so that in your The WhatsApp You can start the “La Bichota” mode, and you must perform the following steps: First, you will download the “Nova Launcher”. Then press and hold the WhatsApp icon on the home screen. Post a picture of Carol G or whoever tag the singer.

Carol J. Source: @karolg Instagram

to finish the status process Carol J.Then you have to enter WhatsApp and go to the settings section. Set chats background with WhatsApp image. Then, in the keyboard configuration, add the image “La Bichota” to enhance the Karol G mode and that’s it.

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