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Famous House Live.  Removed today July 9, 2023

Famous House Live. Removed today July 9, 2023

On a night full of suspense and passion, Wreality show The House of Famous He announced his fourth elimination of the season. After a full week of YouAndnsions and nominations, It’s time to say goodbye to one of the contestants.

famous houseone of the most popular TV shows, has kept viewers on their toes vilo with every deletion. The elimination process at The House of Celebrities is complex and full of unexpected twists and turns.

Leaders of the week have the power to save one of the candidates, ensuring they stay for another week. the Participants are nominated Alone with their teammates, the four with the most points face off public vote.

Who is the fifth eliminated today, Sunday, July 9, at the moment?

After days of voting, it’s time to reveal this week’s fifth elimination.

  • Sergio Maier is the first save of the night
  • Emilio Osorio continues in the House of Famous Mexico

  • Paul Stanley was eliminated today at The House of Famous

With each elimination, the competition becomes more intense and the participants struggle to reach the first place. famous house He continues to surprise his followers with Twists and turns full of passion. The competition is tighter than ever!

Celebrity House is a reality show As a celebrity is eliminated each week in their quest for victory, it continues to generate anticipation and keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

What celebrities participate in La Casa de los Famosos?

  • Raquel Pegora – Eliminated
  • Verca Queiroz – Excluded
  • Sofia Rivera Torres – Eliminated
  • Nicola Porsella
  • Quijano celery
  • Barbara Torres
  • Paul Stanley – Excluded
  • Jorge Loza
  • Marie Claire Harp – Excluded
  • Sergio Mayer
  • Emilio Osorio
  • Wendy Guevara
  • coverall negris
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When and where do you see The House of Famous?

You can watch the reality show from Monday to Friday 10:00 pm. On Channel 5 of Televisa and on Sunday the eliminated player of the week will be revealed 8:30 p.m. in the stars.