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WhatsApp: the true meaning of the face emoji without a mouth |  data

WhatsApp: the true meaning of the face emoji without a mouth | data

Emojis have become a popular way to express feelings or emotions on various messaging platforms such as The WhatsApp. This is why the application offers a wide range of emoticons that allow us to complement our messages with gestures and visual objects that are more dynamic and, in most cases, fun.

Because of this, more and more emojis are appearing with more and more meanings, as is the case with the face without mouth emoji. Although users are free to use these stickers, according to their preferences, it is from Emojipedia that their true message is known.

Under this assumption, in mag We’ve put together the exact information about this emoji so you know what situations it’s best to use and you don’t have any inconveniences. Below, we share all the details you should know.

What does a face without a mouth emoji mean?

  • On many occasions we have seen this strange emoji being sent through WhatsApp.
  • The yellow-faced is distinguished by its simple, open eyes and no mouth.
  • This gives us to understand as if he had nothing to say.
  • However, the meaning varies greatly, but most often it expresses silence, humility, and silence.
  • Another hidden meaning of this emoji is related to negative emotions.
  • Among them are disappointment, frustration or sadness.
  • Finally, this emoji is used in a lot of cases when they send you a message or a video that made a big impact on you and left you ‘no feedback’.

Now that you know the situations in which this emoji is used, you will not hesitate anymore when you want to send it to your WhatsApp contacts.

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What does the black heart mean in WhatsApp

  • The black heart in WhatsApp is also known as the “black heart”.
  • It is most commonly used when someone has died or is in mourning.
  • But it’s not just that, it can also show that your heart has been hurt or that you’re going through a mourning period because of the breakup of the relationship.
  • It can be used to express illness, sadness, or a form of black humor.
  • Even, on certain occasions, it is usually sent when you want to scare someone, as a form of sarcasm.
  • The black heart was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

Did you find this trick interesting? The WhatsApp? We tell you that this messaging app is constantly changing and updated, so new shortcuts, icons and widgets are always appearing that make your experience of sending or receiving texts, stickers or multimedia content more pleasant. To continue discovering the news You will only need to enter the following link With more WhatsApp notes in the Mag, and that’s it. Do not miss it!

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