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“The Iron Lady” conquers the catwalk at the Juarez Fair

“The Iron Lady” conquers the catwalk at the Juarez Fair

Juarez City. – Stage owner and stunningly beautiful and impeccable, Marisela delighted the frontier audience that was handed to her on the penultimate day of Expo Juarez 2023.

A night of hits and more hits, the product of a fruitful career that began over 35 years ago, when the interpreter from California became famous.

The “Iron Lady” went up in the fair on Avenida de las Torres in the middle of the night, where hundreds of fans were already waiting for her who did not stop singing for the two hours the show lasted.

With the excellent accompaniment of a very integrated ensemble, the blonde sang “Y ahora te vas”, the first of many voices in the concert written by Marco Antonio Solís.

“Alone with my loneliness,” she continued, and that was when I took the opportunity to greet the people of Juarez who had answered her call.

“How is my beautiful audience from Juarez? Kisses to everyone. The singer said.

Then, in an evening of memories and confessions, she shared that Marco Antonio Solís had taught her many things, “That’s why I am now an iron lady.” However, he did perform one of his greatest hits.

With “Completely yours” the audience was still mesmerized by her voice and figure, wearing a tight green dress.

“If they asked me what my favorite was, I’d tell them that this is it and I want my iron ladies to accompany me singing it to this guy,” he said prior to the release of “My Problem”.

The night continued between songs and love lessons. Marisela displayed technique and mastery of landscape when interpreting “Enamorada y herida”, “Antes de te vayas” (by El Buki) and “El chico aquel”.

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She sang “Si quieres verme llorar” by Lisa Lopez – she’s sung it since she was 12, and she did the same with “Me caí de la nube” by Chalino Sánchez and “La Basurita” by Beatriz Adriana.

The party wouldn’t have been complete without the obligatory songs like “I Can’t Forget Him” ​​or “Without Him”. Fortunately, “Iron Lady” excels in her vocals.