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Shocked Poncho de Nigris made a joke about Paco Stanley

Shocked Poncho de Nigris made a joke about Paco Stanley

coverall negrisin the opinion of the majority in social networks, He crossed the line after the joke he told Paul Stanley in famous housewhich included his father, Paco Stanley, who was assassinated in 1999.

The embarrassing moment happened Yesterday, during A themed party is held every week in it reality show. On this occasion, the participants had to perform a standing routine.

From Negris He pretended to be interviewing his teammates, but no one thought he would pull it off the way he does. Shoot Paul Stanleywith whom I disagreed in recent weeks.

“Son of Paco Stanley, are you Paquito?What do you think of the parrot sack your dad dropped?? “

The comment was about That controversial moment where you are on the air on TV, Mario Bizarres threw a white sack out of the sack.

How did Paul Stanley get the joke?

Despite the power of humor, Hoy’s host simply responded by saying, “Another mezcal, another mezcal!”while laughing.

Those who have not forgiven the actor are netizenswho indicated that they should not interfere in family affairs and less because of the situation Paul had with his father.

Not with family, that was horrible, don’t give credit“,” Not with the family! “,” Why do they attack each other? If this is true “,” How do you bring up the family? “,” The coat should ask Mario and not Paul that he was just a kid! “