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Actor “Who Killed Sarah?”  He flirts with Ricky Martin after their divorce is announced

Actor “Who Killed Sarah?” He flirts with Ricky Martin after their divorce is announced

Mexican actor Polo Morin caused a stir on social media by apparently showing his interest in singer Ricky Martin, who recently announced his divorce from painter Juan Joseph, whom he married in 2018. Morin has been accused of being insensitive to the Puerto love breakup. Rikan.

Controversy arose after the protagonist of “Where There Was Fire” sent a “flirty” message to the translator of “La Mordidetta” via Twitter. It is important to remember that the famous man had a stable relationship with Bernardo Abascal for three years.

In his message, he wrote: “Hi Lost,” referring to Ricky.

The response of netizens was furious, and they responded with strong comments.

Some have exclaimed: “What a lack of class”, “I always thought Bernardo was too good for this guy”, “How annoying”, “Open relationships” are pure nonsense, if you don’t respect your partner, he is one of They better be single,” I admit the tweet was funny, but I’m surprised someone as vulnerable as she enjoys “joking,” “If it’s a joke, it’s too bad to make it in a hard time for Ricky.”

However, there were those who found the celebrity’s antics funny and commented: “What’s up, get lost?” “,” Go ahead, little boy “,” Ha-ha-ha, you’ve gone too far.

Soon after, Maureen explains that it was just a joke and that he has no love issues with Bernardo.

In his message, he said, “Let’s see…Bernardo was laughing out loud with me when I wrote that tweet, relax…and who hasn’t been in love with Ricky Martin at some point in their lives? My boyfriend isn’t immature or jealous, we know Exactly what we have… support!”

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Users were intrigued to see if Morín received a response from the singer and also expressed their admiration for the latter.

It can be read: “It will always be my platonic love, Ricky Martin”, “I am deeply in love and my partner knows it. He’s the ‘love of my life’ – Ricky Martin”, “Polito, my love, never mind, hahaha, have fun guys. Loved the joke” .

So far Polo has not made any further statements regarding the controversy.