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The powerful messages of Anuel AA against the sponsors of El gordo y la flaca |  Celebrities from the United States |  fame

The powerful messages of Anuel AA against the sponsors of El gordo y la flaca | Celebrities from the United States | fame

Mess a while ago! the Serious accusation by Yailin La Más Viral against Anuel AAwho said she hit her when she was pregnant, caused many reactions that added to her Tekashi 6ix9ine who added fuel to the fire, as he challenged him to fight to end his troubles. Although their encounters date back to a period, the compiler of Richer Than Yesterday has now added new enemies to its list. who are they? Presenters of “El gordo y la flaca”.

Yes, Lily Estefan and Raul De Molina are targets for the arrows that Puerto Ricans were throwing. What did he say to them and what made the urban music singer so angry? Everything you need to know we will tell you in the following paragraphs.

The singer is upset that they are out to hurt him (Photo: Anuel AA/Intagram)

Why is ANUEL AA so angry with the drivers of “EL GORDO Y LA FLACA”?

The quarrels began this time when Tekashi 6ix9ine interrogated Anuel AA for uploading a photo of his daughter Cattleya without her mother being ready, something the girl’s father did not like, so he asked him not to get involved and to stay away from her, reminding her of the complaints she has: “You touch, mouse, and sexually assault underage girls. Stay away from my daughter.”. Obviously, this angered the American rapper.

But things didn’t stop there, as she appeared shortly after A young woman named Lizzy Cruz, from Puerto Rico, confirmed that when she was a minor she was with Yellen’s ex-husbandAnd The news that broke on the program “El gordo y la flaca”.. “Anuel AA, you were with me when I was a minor (16), so find a girl, it’s you”books. He didn’t take long to defend himself and hurled arrows at Lily and Raoul.

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The complaint filed against Anuel A. a. who posted “El gordo y la flaca” (Photo: Lizzi Cruz/Instagram)

What did ANUEL say to the drivers of “EL GORDO Y LA FLACA”?

Very annoyed with the program for sharing the girl’s post, without any evidence, he replied very angrily: You desperately need an interview and I will never give it to youAnd not because they ambushed me like they did with the cameras on this very thing.”.

And in another letter, he continued to shoot arrows: “Who will pay you? You are supposed to be a professionalAnd [pero] They are two people They are trying to harm my life at the cost of an interview. After 60 years, I really enjoyed life, spread peace to the world instead of doing these antics, nothing professional. They are embarrassed to make people who don’t know me talk about me for moneyThis isn’t the first nor the last time you’ve done this.”.

The worst came later, as the young woman explained the reason for her defamation of the singer. “I apologize for what I said. Tekashi called me and paid me to say that about Anuel AA.”he wrote on his Instagram stories.

The young woman apologizes to Anuel AA (Photo: Lizzi Cruz/Instagram)

Not only that, because he feared for his life after he revealed the truth: “I blame Tekashi for anything that happens to me, [que] Mamabeko threatens me, but I am making this public so that they know who to blame if something happens to me.”.

After what the girl pointed out, Anouil’s anger became more evident, as he suspected that they were examining someone without having evidence.

Tekashi 6ix9ine has been accused of being behind everything (Photo: Lizzi Cruz/Instagram)

More information about ANUEL AA

“WE’RE CLOSING”: TEKASHI 6IX9INE’s thrilling challenge to beat AA to fight and end his troubles

Led by Anuel A. a. And his still wife, Yélène la Mas Feral, with whom he is still in their divorce, a discussion on social networks based on the accusations, the release and even the capture of the alleged conversations between the two, aroused great interest by him. fans. In addition, rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine also got into the fight because he was someone very close to the Dominicans. We tell you here.

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How much wealth is ANUEL AA?

Expensive clothes and in large quantities, luxury cars, fully equipped mansions, trips around the world and other ostentatious details are what Anuel AA usually displays on his social networks and which, obviously, are the likes that can be given when considering himself a person. . Therefore, we tell you how much is his net worth. Discover here.

Why did Anuel A. hate Marc Anthony’s music?

Anuel AA gave an interview in which he touched on various aspects of his artistic training and gave details of how his animosity towards Marc Anthony’s songs originated. If you want to know why the urban singer became a “hater” of the American artist’s songs with Puerto Rican roots since he was young, just enter here.

Personal data of ANUEL AA

  • Real name: Emmanuel Gazmi Santiago
  • Date of birth: November 26, 1992
  • Age: 30 years old
  • Birthplace: Carolina (Puerto Rico, United States)
  • Residence: Miami
  • United States citizenship
  • Spanish mother tongue
  • Children: 3

Anuel A. was denounced