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Evelyn Beltran Removes Lip Fillers: The Procedure Underwent By Tony Costa’s Girlfriend |  fame

Evelyn Beltran Removes Lip Fillers: The Procedure Underwent By Tony Costa’s Girlfriend | fame

to Evelyn Beltran He really likes to take care of his image. Girlfriend Tony Costa He’s admitted that he’s done a few makeovers to look good: He’s changed his hair color, put Botox on his face and hyaluronic acid on his lips. She does not hide the procedures she has undergone, on the contrary, the model with Mexican roots shares them on her social networks.

While these small fixes have improved her body and helped her feel better, Evelyn Beltran He wanted to reverse one of them. It’s about the filler that goes on the lips, which looks really voluminous, like the signs of a fashion trend.

now Evelyn Beltran She wants a more natural look, which is why she decided to remove the hyaluronic acid that she put on her lips to fill them in. This time, Tony Costa’s on-again, off-again girlfriend turned to an esthetician for the makeover. What was the result? Here are the details.

Evelyn Beltrán decided to undergo plastic surgery to remove the fillers from her lips (Photo: Evelyn Beltrán/Instagram)

The procedure Evelyn Beltron underwent to remove her lip bumps

Through her Instagram account, Evelyn Beltrán shared the aesthetic procedure she underwent to remove the fillers from her lips. To achieve this, the model relied on the work of Venezuelan physician David A Revilla and cosmetic center Master Face Med Spa Miami.

“Bye, bye lips”girlfriend Tony Costa started writing, while explaining to her 300,000 Instagram followers that she had wanted to make this change for a long time.

“For a few months I’ve been looking for a doctor who specializes in cases like mine, I wanted to completely remove the fillers from my lips to achieve a very natural look”It is to explain.

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Evelyn Beltran had the procedure with Venezuelan doctor David A Revilla (Photo: Evelyn Beltran/Instagram)

Then, in an Instagram video from Master Face Med Spa, we see the moment Venezuelan physician David A Revilla performs the procedure on Evelyn Beltrán to remove fillers from her lips.

“In the video, we hydrolyzed the previous hyaluronic acid using hyaluronidase, an enzyme that hydrolyzes synthetic hyaluronic acid, and thus we were able to get rid of the filler migrating to the upper lip and achieve a better, more symmetrical aesthetic appearance”has been detailed.

Then, specialist David A Revilla explains that you have to wait a few days to see a change: “The final results are usually seen between 5 and 8 days after the procedure.”

“I am happy with this change.”Now she can show off more natural lips, said Evelyn Beltran. The decision was very well received among his followers, and he received messages of support.

“It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. You’ll look more beautiful and natural”, “Excellent decision, you’re so beautiful, the more natural the better”are some of the comments the model received.

More information about EVELYN BELTRAN and TONI COSTA

What did Evelyn Beltron do to meet Ala Acosta?

In parallel with what was happening with Evelyn Beltran, dancer Tony Costa also took a plane to Tucuman to spend the weekend away from the noise of the media.

In this sense, it is worth remembering that Alaïa and Evelyn managed to get together during the Father’s Day celebrations. The information was compiled and published by Mandy Friedman, a well-known entertainment journalist throughout Latin America. More details here

The change of appearance that stunned Evelyn Beltron on social networks

The Mexican influencer decided to leave her more than 300k followers speechless by letting go of her usual long, jet black hair.

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It wasn’t an easy task, however, as his stylist revealed that it took Beltrán up to 72 hours to achieve the tone he wanted. More details here