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The strong response to the regional Mexican legend before the recent statements of Angela Aguilar

The strong response to the regional Mexican legend before the recent statements of Angela Aguilar

Angela Aguilar, despite her successful music career, She is currently one of the most criticized Mexican artists on social networks.

The latest controversy surrounding Pepe Aguilar’s daughter arose when, in the middle of an interview, She claimed to be the only successful woman in the regional Mexican genre.

“How many women’s tours of Mexican music at the moment? The only headliner in the US I think is just me. I’m the only one who tours solo, ”the young artist notes.

These words caused Ángela Aguilar to receive endless criticism for her behavior, as a large number of her fans pointed it out. The Mexican singer was not “down to earth” and “the fame went to her head.”

Faced with this controversy, Beatriz Adriana, one of the most influential Mexican artists in the region, attacked the translator Tell me how you like And Stand up for other women in your genre.

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Through an interview in hot tableThe veteran singer confirmed it There is a wide variety of artists in this music genre and viewers are responsible for choosing who they listen to.

“We have a law firm for artists, there is a new generation of artists and celebrities, and the person with the last word is the one who chooses the dish he wants to eat. They are all different, they are all important, they all have value. Imagine if there were only pills in a law firm.”

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Additionally, wrap up by making sure of that The Mexican music scene is full of talented female artists.so Angela Aguilar’s words are meaningless.

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“As an artist, I appreciate all artists, their talents, and the new generations. I can’t say it on my own, because then I embarrass people, you have to let the audience choose.”I finish.