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Yellen posing with a picture of her post-surgery body

Yellen posing with a picture of her post-surgery body

This Thursday, the “most viral” Yaelin posted a picture of her body days after she underwent cross-stitch surgery, sparking a flurry of reactions from netizens browsing the new platform that seeks to rival Twitter.

The singer and former partner of Anuel AA showed on her official account her latest surgery for which she continued to recover in the hospital. In addition, in the photo you can see how the artist previously covered her face with a photo of herself.

The “most viral” Yalin shared her body days after she underwent surgery. (Yasser)

“How do you say 😂,” the artist wrote in the post, which has amassed more than 35,000 “likes” and more than 3,900 replies in the new offering from Facebook and Instagram’s parent company, Meta.

“So they die of heart attacks”, “You and I are in YASTE YAI”, some netizens wrote in the photo shared by the Dominicans, “Well, this body was the same as before.”

Recently, Yailin celebrated her 21st birthday on July 4 while she was hospitalized, receiving lavish gifts from her alleged current partner, Tekashi 69.

According to a number of videos posted on social media, the urban singer arrived at the room in the clinic where his girlfriend was, but as expected, he did not arrive empty-handed, because with his acting style it is known to be very broad. with your details.

With cake in his hands and several other gifts, such as bales of money and a Rolex watch, the Mexican-American Rajbaker wanted to present and celebrate his girlfriend’s big day, as it is noted and rumored that the interpreter really cares.

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“In the short time that I’ve known you I can say that you’re a beautiful person inside and out. If you’ll learn anything from me in this life, you’ll see that you’ll never need anyone, just yourself and your kata,” the singer said.