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Eugenio Derbez criticizes Barbara Torres’ attitude at La Casa de los Famosos

Eugenio Derbez criticizes Barbara Torres’ attitude at La Casa de los Famosos

in the last days, Barbara Torres It became a topic of conversation famous houseBecause of the situations he had with his partners in reality. From the very first episodes, the actress argued that she was going through menopause, which was causing her some extreme mood swings.

Such behaviors escalated to the point where Barbara had conflicts with various participants in the programme, including Verca, Raquel Pegora And recently Sergio Mayerwho described the actress’ attitude as a strategy to play with the characters in reality.

As a result, the audience decided to nominate Barbara to leave the show, but surprisingly, she emerged victorious from the vote and continued on the show. After that product Eugenio Derbezwho worked with the actress in P.Luche familyHe questioned his former partner’s attitude, stating that he had noticed that the actress cried a lot on the show.

What did Eugenio Derbez say about the position of Barbara Torres?

Through social networks, a video of the actor who gave life to Ludovico B. Lucci, giving his opinion of his former co-worker, has spread widely. In the clip you can hear Eugenio Derbez He comments that he was with his mother-in-law and they both start talking about him famous house.

Regarding the reality TV show, the producer admitted he wasn’t very aware of what was going on, but after his mother-in-law gave him context in which he pointed out that Barbara said menopause affected her a lot, Derbez noted:

“Explain one thing to me,” Eugenio said. “I, as a public person, sit down to watch ‘House of Celebrities’ and want to have fun, seeing a lady who cries and cries every day because she is going through menopause,” adding in his characteristic style a message to Barbara: Barbara, why aren’t you an ordinary lady!truly”.

Despite your comments, Eugenio Derbez asked to vote for Barbara Then he extended his letter, saying, “But it does not matter, We will support Barbara, let her stay in ‘The House of Celebrities’ Until she keeps crying about her menopause, Barbara’s survival and her menopause.”

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The comedian’s words sparked various reactions from netizens, some of whom are no longer very supportive of Barbara and mentioned in the comments that “They already lost Barbara and even Eugenio knows it”, “Poor Eugenio when they worked together, I can’t imagine”, “Even Eugenio knows what Barbara does is too much drama and hurt”, “That’s Eugenio, she’s no ordinary lady”, When Barbara sees this video, she’ll pretend it’s poor Sergio..

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