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I found actress Heather Locklear distraught and distraught

I found actress Heather Locklear distraught and distraught

Actress Heather Locklear was recently found dazed and disoriented walking along the edge of a building, causing concern among netizens.


# Heatherlocklear He looks sad and strange walking on the edge of an office building

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Several witnesses reported seeing the actress, recognized for series such as “Dynasty” and “Melrose Place,” talking to herself and making faces, according to the Big Six.

In 2019 the actress He had to enter a mental health facility, where he stayed for a month. After several violent events in 2018, Locklear, 61, had to go to trial.

Among these incidents was the assault on the spouses and the assault on the policeman who came to resolve the complaint. She was also arrested in June of that year for assaulting a police officer who had come to comfort her when the drunken commotion began. The emergency medical staff who treated her were also attacked.

At the 2019 trial, the judge determined that in addition to his admission, he had three years of unsupervised probation And that he should not be in possession of weapons or medicines that were not ordered by doctors.

Since the beginning of this century, the actress has been diagnosed with psychological problems.

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