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Consuelo Duval fulfilled her dream as an actress (it wasn’t Hollywood)

Consuelo Duval fulfilled her dream as an actress (it wasn’t Hollywood)

Consuelo Duval (Photo by Jaime Nogales/Medios y Media/Getty Images)

Written by Alejandro Ferregrino-. Although she celebrates the huge success of many of her colleagues in Hollywood, Consuelo Duval admitted that this was never her dream as an actress.

Notice when they said to me ‘You, like Eugenio, don’t want to go to Hollywood? Like Salma? I said: No. Will that make me humble? At least that’s what I thought, but no, my dream was to work at Disney, he confirmed in an interview Millennium Shows.

Duval is undoubtedly one of the most important actresses and comedians in Mexico. Although she did TV series and series, she is particularly remembered for her comedic roles, including the likable “Federica” ​​from La Familia P. Luche.

He has also dubbed animated films such as Disney’s Vacas Cowgirls and Pixar’s The Incredibles. In fact, she thought that in this way she had fulfilled her aspirations to work at Disney, but life has a surprise in store for her.

“I thought I had already achieved it when I dubbed. But when they asked me this, it was like, ‘How, me?

When she says “this,” Consuelo is referring to her new project called “CHUECO,” the first sitcom — a stand-up comedy, with recorded laughs and standalone chapters — from Disney + Original Productions produced in Latin America.

The series, starring Duval and Argentinians Dario Barassi and Agustín “Soy Rada” Aristaran, tells the story of Juan Gustuzzi, a teacher and father of a family to which an uncle inherits a huge fortune, with the sole condition that he take care of his pet. . , a monkey called “Chueco”, as if he were part of the family.

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To do so, he’ll have the invaluable help of Amanda, the housekeeper, the character played by Duvall, who asserts that working in a white humor comedy aimed at the whole family was quite the surprise at this point in his career.

In an interview with ReformationDuvall realized that the most difficult thing in accepting the challenge was traveling to Argentina, where the entire production took place.

“It really got me into something I’ve been thinking for a long time: ‘What you have to offer is go to another country, where they speak very differently, where they have influences from other countries, and leave my dogs and children, it was something I saw far away.'”

“So, when the day came, I came and did not expect the story that I was going to live through those three or four months that I was recording the series. The truth is that they received me, they contained me, they pampered me. I am very grateful to the Argentines and the Argentines, who helped me a lot when I suddenly felt so weak Because I wanted my house, my dogs, and the smell of tortillas, and it all ended when I stepped on this set and saw Crooked and the Gustozzi. He said, “Anything worth being here!”

For Duvall, one of the great successes in history was the representation of “Chico” with a classic doll, in the style of “Aleph” or “The Muppets”.

There are things that the new generations should not miss. There are things that we have lost over the years, that technology has gained us, but when it comes to feelings and love, we cannot forget them.”

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Working on a classic series, one of those that brought the whole family together around television, was very satisfying for Duvall, who found a new impetus in his career in this production.

“Coming here to do ‘CHUECO’ filled me with life. This takes a breath, we go back to the roots. She said excitedly.” Millennium.

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