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WWE Smackdown Report 7/14 – Jey Uso attacks Sikoa and Heyman;  Asuka defends against Belair

WWE Smackdown Report 7/14 – Jey Uso attacks Sikoa and Heyman; Asuka defends against Belair

J Oso Heyman

SmackDown started with Bianca Belair Before her match against Asuka for the WWE Women’s Championship tonight.

Bianca said she was very impatient to come back for a championship rematch, but today it was night.

Then Charlotte walked in to interrupt and told her in the kindest terms that she thought Bianca would be the hero at the end of the night. This is something he wishes for, but when Bianca defeats Asuka, she will be next in line. There is no doubt about that. a challenge that set Bianca up for SummerSlam.

The two end up shaking hands, almost taking the outcome of the night for granted… a situation Asuka saw behind the scenes.

So deadly for Sheamus and Ridge Holland As Elton Prince entered Holland’s Ridge with an unprotected cornerback, he then finished with a leg drop from the top rope.

Bayley defeated Zelina Vega in a short fight. Zelina attacked Bayley with a blade, but then Bayley smashed her to the canvas with a rosette.

After the match, Bayley began to make fun of the lock of Shotzi’s hair she cut off last week…but Shotzi appeared on the big screen to tell her she was in control while laughing off-kilter.

Ji Uso appeared in the ring to comment on Jimmy’s situation After the attacks he was subjected to last week. He accused Ji Roman and told him that he was looking for the real chieftain, the main event Ji Usu.

But Jay is interrupted by Paul, who enters alongside Sulu Sekuwa. Paul announces to her that Jay and Roman will be face to face next week. He also told him that he understood his anger and his thirst for revenge, but that he shouldn’t look down on anyone but himself because everything that happened to Jimmy was his fault for rising up against Roman Reigns. He also told him that he did not know how he would forgive himself, nor would he forgive his brother, nor his father or his mother nor would he forgive Roman Reigns.

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Then Solo took the microphone from Paul. He just tells her that he won’t forgive Jey either. And then the attacks began. He passed J Solo and even landed a superkick on Paul. J even threatened to attack Paul with a metal chair, but Solo walked in just in time to avoid it, even though he was the one who ended up getting the chair.

Santos Escobar achieved victory in the first fatal 4 way On his way to a shot at the US Championships.

AJ Styles had the opportunity to take the victory by being able to execute a Butch with a Styles Splash. However, before he could hook up the move, Karrion Cross appeared on the giant screen attacking Gallows and Anderson knocking out the massive one from the match. Waller tried to take advantage of the moment with a stunning blow on Butch, but it was finally Santos who finished the fight with an iron on Waller.

Santos must still compete against next week’s winner in Fatal 4 Way between Rey Mysterio, Cameron Grimes, Sheamus and LA Knight for the first shot.

Bobby Lashley reappears In programming after weeks away and he’s doing it to meet up with the Street Profits…they’re working on something.

Reserved WWE Women’s Championship match pitting Asuka against Bianca Belair. Near the end of the match, Bianca executed Asuka with a KOD on the announce table. And chaos erupted from there. Bayley and IYO tried to take advantage of the situation to trade, but Charlotte stepped in to stop them.

However, Charlotte ended up attacking Bianca with a spear after IYO dodged her, ending the match via DQ. Then IYO and Bayley tried to make this trade. As IYO prepared the moonsault, Bayley handed the briefcase to the judge for the official exchange but Asuka attacked her with a blue mist and fled the ring.
This is how SD ended

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