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From bed, Chiquis Rivera looks heavenly in a white bodysuit

From bed, Chiquis Rivera looks heavenly in a white bodysuit

Chiquis Rivera She is one of the most famous beauties who captivates with her beauty and the most beautiful looks, and she showed her from bed in her latest releases in instagramWhere millions follow, Heavenly look in a white tight bodysuit with which he outlined his silhouette and asserted himself One of the most elegant, curvy women on the show. The businesswoman also took the opportunity to promote her lingerie line, which she launched a few months ago.

Cheekys highlights her silhouette in a white bodysuit

the Jenny Rivera’s daughterwho turned 38 on June 26 and celebrated with family and friends from Greece, confirms with each of her releases and looks like she Ready to break stereotypes imposed by the environment and society, because although most celebrities strive for a slender silhouette, the interpreter of songs such as “Entre besos y copas” and “Paloma Blanca” It imposes itself with the most curved shape.

Chiquis is walking up from the bed. Photo: IG @chiquis

Jani Marin Riverathe singer’s real name, was shared with him 5.7 million followers on Instagram Two photos in which he is seen with one of the pieces of clothing from his new company, well, celebrities like Kim Kardashian, interpreter Launched into the world of fashion With a brand of girdles and other apparel that are perfect for all types of women, regardless of age, skin color, or size.

chiquisPhotographer Emilio Sanchez, who recently broke the news of her engagement to her boyfriend of several years, accompanied the post with the words: “There is no body more beautiful than a kissable body.” @shapewearandcompany_ SHOP: “Pantsuit’ www.shapewearandco.com Photo: @francisbertrand Glam:jessyykatttonywonderhandsss,” a post It offered a perfect piece to draw a silhouette thanks to its flexible fabric with reinforcement.

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Show off your curves in a white bodysuit. Photo: IG @chiquis

The singer caused a stir with the bedside photos in which she was seen He wears a white tight suit who made it Looks heavenlya dress with thick straps and a round neckline that she had already shown at The official Instagram page for her clothing brand, Bella Body Shaperwear, sharing a series of postcards from the regional music performer.

the Also the niece of singer Lupillo Riverastirs controversy because of her looks or her posts, let’s remember she was has become a trend When you stand without clothes and also He gives something to talk about for his songs, like “Because I’m the Queen Bee,” Well, from the audio clips that are heard, it can be identified that he is sending a strong message to some of his relatives.

She crowns herself as Queen Zigzag. Photo: IG @chiquis

Singer of songs like “El Honor”who first appeared on television in the reality show “Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis & Raq-C” and in “I Love Jenni”, between 2009 and 2013, today she is one of the most important representatives of the regional genre and also one of the celebrities It forces fashion on girls with curves, showing that size does not contradict any style.