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James Cameron is raging about rumors that he will make a movie about the submarine Titan

James Cameron is raging about rumors that he will make a movie about the submarine Titan

James Cameron is raging about rumors that he will make a movie about the submarine Titan

Yet award-winning and profitable Titanic (88%)which returned to theaters this year on its anniversary, many people joked that its director, James CameronI may be very interested In the Oceangate company tragedywhich took days of angst, but also plenty of cynicism, over the disappearance of a submarine carrying a group of people on an expedition to the remains of the Titanic and its subsequent explosion.

Cameron was aware of the events and expressed his opinion about them. At one point he told a team BBC that he was suspicious of the technology used by OceanGate and claimed that they did not obtain the proper permits for their activities because they knew it was not going to happen.

He also said that he would not have been able to get into that submarine, and his words were heard on account of his familiarity with that medium; He is also someone who has completed 33 underwater dives to the wreck of the Titanic, so many consider him to be someone with expertise on the subject.

But the most curious thing is that many linked the director to a potential film about the explosion of a submarine not only because of his knowledge, but precisely because he is a director Titanic. But what was said was accompanied by rumors that he was in talks to produce a film about Titan and his failed expedition to the wreck of the British ship that claimed the lives of five people. The clarification came through his Twitter account, where he said that he usually does not respond to “offensive rumors.”

I usually don’t respond to offensive rumors in the media, but I need to now. I’m not in talks about an OceanGate movie, and never will be.

Of course, the comments below the post are full of submerged implosion memes, but the director also received messages of respect after his explanation. The conversation was born around missions Ocean Gate The supposed lack of permits for its operation has been maintained, but curiosity has increased these days after netizens realized that the company’s social media accounts had been removed.

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However, not everyone has the same opinion about what he said. James Cameron In connection with the failed expedition, since co-founder of Ocean Gate He was not amused by the director’s remarks and concerned that the dives they took were “too experimental”. William Sunline He replied that it was only natural that in this kind of society there would be so many opinions about expeditions and even the way submarines should be designed or built.

He said that although he was not involved in those operations, he had always been committed to security and risk mitigation, things that have always been part of his company’s culture. In addition, it is very easy to speculate from the outside, and this is something the manager also pointed out.

Although it is true that many were waiting for the tragedy and whether it would lead to it James Cameron To work on a film, whether documentary or nonfiction, the conversation that sparked the submarine’s implosion has led many to discover or revisit a film by the same director called The Secret of the Abyss (89%), which premiered in 1989. The film shows the USS Montana nuclear submarine sinking after colliding with an unknown object. In one of his scenes, he shows the implosion of one of those vehicles, which lasts for a few seconds, showing that those in it can do nothing because everything is happening too quickly for him to react to at the moment.

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