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Gloria Trevi confronted Poncho de Nigris for kidnapping her husband

Gloria Trevi confronted Poncho de Nigris for kidnapping her husband

Gloria Trevi confronted Poncho de Negris for kidnapping her husband (Photo: IG/Armandogomez73 // ponchodenigris)

coverall negris She revealed a few weeks ago that her ex-mother-in-law was in prison for her involvement in the kidnapping of Armando Gomez, husband Gloria Trevi. In a conversation with colleagues, member Lto the House of the Famous Gave details of the situation.

A month later, Gloria Trevi was invited to live on the reality show and particularly surprised the members of the house Wendy Guevara Who mentioned on more than one occasion that she is a fan of the translator T.IThey all look at me And that her songs distinguished her.

After a short and emotional talk, the Mexican pop star said goodbye to each member of the house and shared a few words with Poncho de Nigris about the dark episode that marked their lives.

And it is that the situation was very shocking to both of them, as Gloria experienced the horror of the kidnapping of a member of her family during Poncho de Negris was unable to locate his daughter For some time.

The Mexican singer shared anecdotes with the members, cried when talking about her life, and showed them the video of her latest single. Jellyfish And even made them dance. He gave the jewels to each of them and took the time to say goodbye to each of them separately.

Gloria Trevi spoke with Poncho de Negris about her husband’s kidnapping

When it’s time to say goodbye to Poncho de Nigris Translator They wear sugar He approached and commented on the testimony that the Monterrey citizen revealed a few weeks earlier inside the house, while Wendy Guevara and Barbie Juarez watched them.

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Gloria Trevi was honest without any hesitation: “When I saw you talking I said ‘wow’, how sometimes… You have a copy, I have a copyWe don’t get together to talk and then things aren’t clear, but it was very clear to me when I spoke.”

A somewhat nervous Poncho asked: “Is what you said true? Because it is the truth that I believe in.” The singer replied with a smile: “Very well.”

After this explanation, Gloria Trevi She took the moment to talk about the celebrity’s daughter, who is her godmother. – And your daughter is beautiful, and I really want to meet her too.

Finally, Poncho de Nigris promises Gloria Trevi to talk better and fix things up once she gets out of town. famous house “You’ll see, yeah,” she replied with a hug.

The singer surprised the members of “La Casa de los Famosos” with an unexpected visit

“My daughter’s mother was a companion of Gloria Trevi and after she invited her to her home. My daughter’s mother has nothing to do with it. My daughter’s grandmother (mother of her ex-husband) left the barbecue they had at her house and put some kidnappers on her and Gloria’s husband has been kidnappedThat’s what the man from the Monterey Wendy and his other companions said.

According to the testimony of Poncho de Nigris, after this situation, he stopped seeing his little daughter because her mother had taken her to the United States. He tried to search for her, but could not find her for a long time:They disappeared for a while“.

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After some time, the former mother-in-law was arrested, who allegedly gave the whistle for the abduction of Gloria Trevi’s husband. “My (ex-husband’s) mother is in prison, and I don’t know if she will ever get out“.